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5 Water-Saving Home Renovations

5 Water-Saving Home Renovations

There are many reasons for saving water in a London home. Lower bills and protecting the environment are two of the most important ones. Nowadays, there are many renovations which can be used to save both water and energy which come with an additional perk: modernization.

Below, our emergency plumber inLondon has made 5 water-saving recommendations when renovating a home.

1.Replace old appliances in your London home

The newer an appliance is, the less water it consumes, therefore replacing old appliances is perhaps one of the best water-saving tips our local plumbers have. Apart from the fact that it will give a new look to your home, they will also allow you to make adjustments to your home.

Among the appliances which can be changed in order to save water are:

  •           old bathtubs which can be replaced by new and water-saving showers;
  •           old bathroom showerheads which can be replaced with water-saving shower heads;
  •           old and water-consuming kitchen taps which can be replaced with sensor taps;
  •           water aerators can also be installed quite easily in a London kitchen.

You can rely on our plumbers in London for the installation of water-saving appliances.

2. Change old pipes and fittings

If you didn’t know, old pipes and fitting which can have concealed leaks are one of the most common causes why the water bill is higher than usual. Replacing them can be another great renovation which can help you save water in your home in London.

3.Replace the toilets in your London home

The toilet is one of the most water-consuming appliances in a house. If you are planning to renovate your home, replacing it with a low-flush or dual flush toilet will help you save a lot of water and money in the future.

Our emergency plumber inLondon can help you choose the right type of toilet for your home.

4.Water-saving renovations for the garden

It is great to go out and relax in a green and good-looking garden, however, you need quite a lot of water to keep it that way. So, why not save some of that water by installing a dripping system which can distribute the water uniformly on the lawn? Sensor-based sprinklers are another great water-saving renovation tip.

5. Use eco-friendly appliances to save water

There are many eco-friendly appliances which can be used when renovating an old house in London. These are usually the most water-saving appliances you can have installed in your home. Dishwashers and washing machines are two of the most important ones.

For other tips on how to save more water, please contact our plumbers in London.