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7 Plumbing Jobs You Should Leave to a Pro

7 Plumbing Jobs You Should Leave to a Pro

A lot of times the more you try to get involved yourself in a DIY plumbing job, the less good it does. In order to avoid complications and a possible disaster, our plumbers in London came up with 7 plumbing jobs that must be left to an expert to handle.

1.    Pipe and main line repairs

A pipe repair may imply more than just tightening it with a wrench. In many cases, parts, fixtures or pieces of the line have to be replaced. This is when a plumbing services pro in London comes into action.

In case you decided to renovate the bathroom or kitchen and you have to add or move a water line, it is also a plumbing issue that could be better handled by a pro who can tap into the current water lines and construct the new ones.

2.    Switching or rerouting sewer pipes

Sewer pipes may clog by fragments or get broken by tree roots. Switching old sewer pipes with new ones necessitates heavy-duty tools for digging trenches and setting concrete pipes. A professional plumber in London has all the equipment that is needed for this job, as well as the necessary experience to end it successfully. He is also well aware of the local utility regulations.

3.    Repairing the water heater, a job done by local plumbers

If a homeowner attempts to repair the water heater by himself or herself, chances are the problem is only going to get worse. Especially with electric water heaters, there is a quite deadly combination of water and electricity. If the water heater is on gas, there might be gas leaks or risks of fire. It is definately a plumbing job you should not do yourself, ever!

4.    Installing or repairing copper pipes

These copper pipes are for sure plumbing jobs you should not do yourself. Otherwise, there might be the danger of a flood or a fire, or, worse – both!

5.    If a permit is necessary

In case you decided to remodel your home or make a new addition to your house which requires a local permit, it more than likely involves a job which is both complicated and time-consuming. It is time to leave a pro plumber in London do his work.

6.    Repairing and installing septic tanks

Repairing or installing the septic tank and its tools is certainly a plumbing job you should leave to a plumber in London. A leaking septic system could cause a bad smell on your property… not to mention that an inappropriate septic system could be extremely toxic.

7.    Any job involving gas or propane

Natural gas can be explosive and could leak easily if not taken care of by professionals. Only a pro must take care of all the repairs that are connected to gas-fueled or electric water heaters or boilers. You can find out more from our emergency plumber in London

For any type of plumbing problem you might be experiencing, we will take care of the job quick, fast and reliably – just contact us now.