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Basic Plumbing Tools: Adjustable Wrench

Basic Plumbing Tools: Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench is a basic plumbing tool used by our plumbers in London to work on compression fixtures, supply lines and other parts with hex-shaped nuts. 

A more detailed description from our plumber in London

Also named an adjustable spanner, the adjustable wrench is a wrench with a jaw which can be adjusted in width. It can be utilized with various sizes.

This type of wrench can be utilized to tighten a bolt or a nut. It works by turning a screw, which is normally located under the head. 

When utilizing the adjustable wrench, our emergency plumber in London follows these steps:

•    Identifying the bolt or nut which has to be tightened;
•    Opening the adjustable wrench by turning the screw mechanism. This opens the jaw. Our plumbers in London verify if they opened it wide enough to fit the nut, or if it has to be opened wider;
•    Slipping the jaw open over the nut and holding it steady. The screw mechanism is turned to clamp tightly across the nut;
•    Turning the adjustable wrench in a clockwise direction to tighten it, or in the other direction to loosen it;
•    Removing the tool by loosening the screw device.

What can an adjustable wrench be used for in London?

One of the best uses of the adjustable wrench is on plumbing jobs. Our emergency plumber inLondon utilizes this type of tool to fit various thicknesses of piping, such as sinks and bath taps.

Since these tools are so flexible, they are used often by our local plumbers, even though their downside is that they sometimes can easily slip.

Adjustable wrenches are also used for at-home-assembly furniture or any job which requires a bolt or nut to be fitted. 

It is much more convenient to have such a tool in our kit, rather than carry many different size wrenches to fit whichever job. 

Therefore, the adjustable wrench eliminates having to carry many other tools and it is much easier to carry from one place to the other.

If you need more details about this basic plumbing tool, or if you need any type of plumbing services in London, we invite you to get in touch with our friendly, qualified local plumbers.