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Basic Plumbing Tools: Propane Torch

Basic Plumbing Tools: Propane Torch

propane torch is a basic plumbing tool used by our plumbers in London to solder copper water pipes, as well as loosen a rusted bolt or soften an old paint. In this article, we present you with a brief description of this tool and its utilization methods.

So, what is the propane torch used by our plumber in London?

The propane torch used by our plumber in London is a tool generally utilized to apply a flame or heat that uses propane as fuel. 

Propane is a by-product group of the natural gas and petroleum industries named liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Propane is generally utilized in the construction, metal-working and manufacturing industries, as well as in plumbing.

propane torch can range from a minor consumer-grade burner which is held by the hand that comes with a small connected tank, to an industrial torch with separate tanks for fuel and pure oxygen which feed the flame with 100% oxygen to reach much greater temperatures.

Propane torches that use small tanks usually employ the Venturi effect (the reduction of the pressure of a fluid which is caused by the fluid flowing through a narrow section of a pipe) to generate a differential pressure that enables the air to enter the gas stream through intakes or inlet holes. 

When utilized outdoors, a propane torch can reach a maximum 1,995 degree Celsius temperature (3,623 degrees Fahrenheit). The hottest flame segment is located at the top of the internal flame.

Propane torch utilization in London, explained by local plumbers

Here is how our plumbers in London utilize this basic plumbing tool:

1.    They select the right propane torch for the job: depending on the task at hand, our emergency plumber in London can choose a low heat or a high heat one;
2.    They put on the appropriate safety equipment;
3.    They light the torch: Holding the torch with the tip away from the body, they open the gas valve. Then, the electric igniter is turned on to ignite the gas;
4.    They fine-tune the flame height: this is effectuated by turning the gas valve;
5.    Our local plumbers place the flame alongside the material which needs to be heated;
6.    Then, they shut off the gas at the end of the job.

Please get in touch with our emergency plumber inLondon for any plumbing task in your home, or if you need more information about the propane torch utilizations.