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Buying Guide: Gas Hobs Vs. Induction Hobs

Buying Guide: Gas Hobs Vs. Induction Hobs

Whether you have moved to a new house or simply want to remodel, the kitchen is one of the most important places in a home and the first on the list, depending on your intentions. If the furniture is easier to find and fit in, when it comes to the appliances the options are quite numerous nowadays.

Perhaps the most important appliance in a kitchen is the stove or the hobChoosing a kitchen hob for your house in London can turn out a provocation if you have not set your mind on a specific hob model.

In order to help you, our plumbers in London have made a brief comparison between gas and induction hobs, two of the favorite types of stoves in our days.

How can plumbers near me install a gas hob fit in a London kitchen?

The gas hob is the most employed type of cooking machine in houses all over the world. If you want to buy a gas stove, here is what you need to consider:

  •           they come in different sizes, so make sure to measure the space where you will put it and only then go shopping for one;
  •           choose the gas hob based on the safety features it has, among the most sought ones are those which are safe to use around children;
  •           another important safety feature is the automatic valve which cuts the supply when there is no gas;
  •           you can also choose the gas hob based on the number of burners it has – the maximum number of burners is 4.

Gas hobs have evolved a lot during the last years and a great competition of induction hobs. Our plumber in London can advise on how to choose a gas hob.

The induction hob, installed by local plumbers – perfect for an intelligent home in London

If you have compared an induction hob with a gas hob, but still don’t know what to choose, here are a few pros on induction hobs:

  •           instead of burners, the induction hob will have electromagnetic elements which heat up the pans when they enter in contact;
  •           most induction hobs are designed to be incorporated in the kitchen furniture, therefore here too you must pay attention to the dimensions;
  •           induction hobs will usually have 3 or 4 cooking zones, once again this depends on its size;
  •           the induction hob is currently the safest cooking machine on the market.

The only cons you could find when it comes to buying an induction hob against a gas hob are the price, the cleaning method, and cookware – induction hobs need special cleaners and cookware; you can call our emergency plumber in London for professional assistance. 

If you need any plumbing services in London, please feel free to contact us.