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Causes of Low Water Pressure

Causes of Low Water Pressure

Water pressure represents the force which drives the water through the pipes. The causes of low water pressure could consist of the fact that the pressure is not constant and it could be reduced during different times of the day when the water is most used, like mornings and evenings. Also, low water pressure could happen when the pressure in the water main is not enough for the water to come upwards to the top of the property. This however happens quite rarely and only in case of an emergency, like a ruptured water main. Our local plumbers can help you with more information on the causes of low water pressure

Other causes of low water pressure presented by our plumbers in London

The causes of low water pressure can vary. Besides the ones mentioned earlier, they can include:

•    inappropriate pumping facilities;
•    water mains which are too small;
•    decreased pressure from the water main because of leakage, blocked service pipes or equipment failures.

The causes of low water pressure can also be comprised of the fact that certain modern heating machines and showers will not function below some pressure levels. You should ask for professional advice prior to setting up such an equipment to verify if the water pressure in your area is enough so that these devices function proficiently. Our plumbers in London can provide you more details on this matter. 

Also, the water pressure in your home can be determined by on how high the service reservoir or water tower is beyond your property. 

The height of your home can be one of the causes of low water pressure as well – homes situated on top of a hill could get lower pressure than the ones which are at the bottom of a hill. Our emergency plumber in London can help you if you experience a sudden low water pressure

Verify your plumbing system in London

If the water pressure is too low, it is recommended to contact a plumber in London who will verify if there is an issue with the plumbing system in your house. Your water pipes could be reducing the water flow to your taps.  The flow of water can be influenced by the following matters, which can be presented our local plumbers:

•    the pipe diameter;
•    pipe corrosion and/or on appliances;
•    the water demand in your property/building at a certain time of the day;
•    the length of the supply pipe;
•    a leak of the supply pipe;
•    the pressure in the water main;
•    the type and number of fittings along the pipe, like stop taps, meter, ferrules and so on;
•    an inconsistence of the pipe, like for example if the pipe is partly shut, stop taps or a fragment of the pipe which was squashed almost flat and others.

If you cannot locate the issue, you can seek advice from our plumber in LondonFor further advice on the causes of low water pressure, please contact usOur emergency plumbers in London are ready to assist you in any urgent matter.