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Clear Clogged Drains in London

Clear Clogged Drains in London

In every household, all plumbing systemsdevelop clogs and unfortunately, there is no way to avoid them. When the water no longer drains from the shower or from the sink, there’s a sign that you should ask for the help of a team of plumbers in London.

They will unblock the drain, mention some necessary repairs and offer instructions for drains flowing without difficulties

Below, our London plumbing professionals explain how to clear clogged drains in various parts of the house and offer some tips on how to avoid having clogged drains for long periods of time.

The most effective ways of clearing clogged pipes in your London home

Clogged drains and pipes are one of the most common plumbing issues a London homeowner faces, especially when it comes to old homes that haven’t undergone any remodeling, which often includes replacing old pipes. The same problems appear in apartment blocks, considering here the main sewage line is common for all the apartments.

Once a clog forms, no matter the pipe or drain, there are a few ways in which it can be cleared. Here we will talk about procedures that can be performed by the homeowner and which can prove to be the most effective ways of unclogging a drain or pipe:

  •           if you have a wire clothes hanger, you can straighten it and use it to unclog the drain;
  •           vinegar and baking soda is one of the most popular mixes that can help unclog drains;
  •           you can also use boiling water and pour it down the drain in order to clear the clog;
  •           you can also pour boiling water over caustic soda to clear a clogged drain in your home;
  •           dish detergent can also be used to clear a clog that is blocking a drain or pipe;
  •           if you have a wet and dry vacuum, it can also help you clear a blocked drain in your home.

Our plumbers in London advise you to use these procedures only if the clog is not located too deep in the drain, otherwise professional help must be sought in order to avoid major problems.

Tools used for clearing drain clogs in London homes

The two most important places in the house where drains get clogged the most often are the kitchen and the bathroom. This is why the tools used to clear the clogs will depend on its location.

Our London plumbing professionals use the following tools to unclog drains:

  •        the plunger – this is the simplest and one of the most effective tools when the drain is not too clogged, also almost everybody has a plunger in their home;
  •        the cable auger: also known as the plumber’s snake, is another efficient drain unclogging tool which comes in different sizes, so it can clear any clog around the house;
  •        the closet auger, as its name says, is used for clearing toilet clogs only, as the cable is angled specifically to go through the toilet trap;
  •        an electric power auger is a specific tool which can only be handled by plumbers and is used when the clog is deep in the drain.

There are various ways of clearing a clogged drain in London and the plumber will use the best method according to the type of clog and its location.

Kitchen drain clogs in London

TIn time, kitchen drainsare developing blocks and are running slower. These obstructions are caused by greases, detergents, and soaps which are building up on the inside walls of the pipes

Our plumbers in London will use the newest techniques in order to clear kitchen drain clogs by respecting the following steps:

  •     if there is a filter over the clogged drain, our plumbers will remove any bolts holding the strainer in place;
  •     if the strainer is movable, the plumber will get rid of it and will wash away everything that has gathered around the sieve.

The garbage disposals are built to handle minor quantities of leftover food and can simply become blocked when people try to dispose of too many remains. 

Our plumber in London will make sure the debris disposal mechanism is free from any clogs and the kitchen sink will work as well as before.

The garbage disposals are built to handle minor quantities of leftover food and can simply become blocked when people try to dispose of too many remains. 

Our emergencyplumber in London is able to fix or to replace your debris disposal and will have your sink draining again rapidly.

Bathroom drain clogs in London

Between the sink, toilet, and tub there are many pipes in the bathroom of your home. Bathtub pipes, unfortunately, don’t just have soap and water running through them. 

An extremely clogged tub drain is caused by hair or pet fur and the best way to eliminate the block is stopping it from happening in the first place. 

If you don’t always use a tub strainer to keep hair and other things out of your pipes, you will need the specialized help of our plumber in London. He will use the newest tools and technology to clean your bathroom plumbing system and keep your sanitation in perfect state.

Clearing clogged shower drains in London

Most homeowners have bathtubs replaced with showers, according to the new fashion, however, the problem with clogged drains can still appear. The first thing to do when you notice the water is no longer evacuated as fast as it used to, you should consider a clogged shower drain.

Clearing a clogged shower drain can prove more difficult because the piping system here can be more complicated than that of a bathtub. Also, there are various types of showers which a homeowner can have installed, and professional help is usually required.

When dealing with a clogged shower drain it is advisable to call local plumbers as soon as possible in order to avoid further problems such as floods.

Clearing clogged toilet drains

Having a clogged toilet is one of the most unpleasant things to come how to. Unfortunately, this drain is also one of the lines that get clogged the most often. When dealing with a clogged toilet drain, it is best to solicit help from our emergency plumber in London because he has the right equipment to resolve such a problem.

Clearing a clogged toilet drain will require special tools. Our plumbers will use the following tools to clear a toilet drain causing problems:

  •           our plumbers will first verify how deep the clog is located, they can use cameras for inspecting the drain;
  •           the cable snake can be the best tool is we are talking about a surface clog, otherwise, a power auger will be more effective;
  •           if the clog is located deeper into the sewage line, our local plumbers will need to verify the entire line in order to find it.

London homes usually have basements which owners transform into laundry rooms. These must also have drains which can be the cause of the problem. A clogged toilet drain could be related to the laundry room drain, as they discharge in the same sewage line. This is why it is important to let our plumbers know if you have a laundry room and if the drain there could be the cause of the problem.

Floor drain clogs in London

A lot of times, the floor drains in the basement, laundry room or garage of a house can get clogged. Because there is plenty of water which should be eliminated through these drains, such a clog can create quite a problem.

These drains can get clogged because of soap scum, slimy bacteria or laundry lint which crystalize inside the drain pipe. Our plumbers in London can assist you with this issue as well, usually by utilizing a special tool called an electric power auger.

Please make sure you utilize a specialized local plumber’s help when unclogging such a drain, as it requires quite a lot of effort and special methods.

Advice on how to keep your drains clear in London

In order to keep your drains clear and functional in your home, we advise you to take the following measures:

  • allow hot water to run into the drain after every utilization. It will eliminate the freshly built clogs, letting them flow through the drain;
  • cover the drains with food and hair catchers, aka strainers, to prevent these residues from penetrating into the drainage pipes;
  • put baking soda into the drains and then pour hot water. This substance is a fantastic natural cleaner and it also helps to eliminate and bad smells.
  • dish detergent can also be used in order to clean the drains as soon as you see the water has started running slower.

Our London plumbing professionals will unblock your drain, recommend a protection product and will offer instructions for keeping the drains flowing without problems. 

How can plumbers near me help with drain maintenance? 

The best way of avoiding clogged drains is by preventing them. This is why our plumbers have a few recommendations for London homeowners. The most important one implies having the entire pipe system checked at least once a year, if not more often, depending on your needs.

You can also delay clogged drains by avoiding throwing waste in the toilet, by collecting the hair and soap remaining from the shower and the bathroom sink or by having waste collectors installed. In the kitchen, it is important not to pour grease down the drain or throw food waste in the sink. Having a waste disposal unit can be of great help in the kitchen. Grease traps can also be installed for more effectiveness, however, these are usually recommended in large kitchens. 

If you have any plumbing emergency and need help, you can rely on our plumbers in London for fast and reliable services. You can also rely on us for maintenance services for the plumbing system in your home, or assistance if you need help in having any appliance installed. For any plumbing services in London, please feel free to contact our team.