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Dripping Faucets in London

Dripping Faucets in London

In case of dripping faucets in London, it is worth knowing that even a minor leak can lead to a three gallons waste of water each day. Therefore, in order to save the costs of the bills (and the planet!) these, faucet problems need to be addressed by a professional plumber in London.

Besides, dripping faucets in London can even cause floods, when not taken care of in time. Also, sometimes the sound of the drip can even keep you awake at night after an entire day of work, stopping you from getting your much-needed sleep. For all these reasons, it is important to have this problem taken care of before it gets any worse.

So, what causes faucets to drip? In case you are wondering just that, know that dripping faucets in London can be caused by one of the following reasons, which can be resolved by our emergency plumbers in London:

•    worn out faucets: in time, the pieces inside the faucet can get damaged and stop working properly just because they are old;
•    damaged O-rings: O-rings are small round pieces usually attached to a faucet screw with turning knobs. These pieces can get larger with time or just damaged, enabling water drips to go through them and leak;
•    worn out washers: generally, washers are fabricated from rubber, being located inside the spout piece of the faucet. Sometimes they, too, can get worn out;
•    old valve seat: this is a moveable piece which opens and shuts off against the washer. Sometimes, because of the mineral deposits found in hard water and corrosion, the valve seat can get worn out;
•    faulty size of the faucet washer: on quite rare occasions, the faucet manufacturers may utilize the wrong size of the faucet washer. If this piece is too big, it can also cause a faucet in London to drip;
•    other reasons: A plumber in London can offer more details on what these other reasons may consist of.

Here are the steps which are taken for fixing dripping faucets in London.

1.    Turn off the water

Ensure the water supply is shut off before trying to fix anything. 

2.    Remove additional parts

Remove any adorning parts of the handle knobs. Under every knob, there is a screw which supports the handle to the stem. Unscrew, then smoothly take out the handle with the flat-head. You can call our local plumbers if you need guidance throughout this procedure. 

3.    Loosen the packing nut

Utilize the wrench in order to loosen the packing nut, after which you should be able to see the stem. Take it out also. Verify the removed parts for any destruction. 

4.    Check the O-ring

In case everything is unbroken until now, check the O-ring and washer inside the valve seat, which could actually be the cause of the dripping faucet. Take out the washer and insert a replacement at the interior of the seat or address to our emergency plumber in London for advice. 

It is very important to ensure that your replacement washer and O-ring fit perfectly. Make sure you buy the correct ones, by measuring the seat to verify if the sides suit a cone-shaped or flat washer. You could take the O-ring at the hardware store to check the appropriate size. You also have the option of purchasing a pack which includes more various O-ring sizes. Our plumbers in London can provide more assistance when making such a purchase.

5.    Reassembly

At this stage, attentively reassemble all the pieces: the washer or O-ring, the stem, the packing nut, the screw and the handle following this order. Slowly and smoothly turn the knob to verify the running water and see if the leak is fixed.

If after following these steps the faucet is still dripping, this might be caused by a corrosion in the valve seat. In case it is not cleaned in time, it can lead to leaks near the spout. Other possible causes might be wearing out of the seals, loose pieces or, even more serious, damaged plumbing. For all these issues or if there are other complications, get the assistance of a professional qualified in plumbing services in London and search for plumbers near me. 

Contact us if you need the help of a plumber in London. We will send a professional who will repair your dripping faucet fast and easy.