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Fixing a Slow Toilet in London

Fixing a Slow Toilet in London

How can a slow flushing toilet be fixed in your London home? This issue is usual with older toilets. Here is how our plumbers in London fix a slow toilet.

Find out what the toilet issue is in your London home

To fix a slow toilet in London, fill a trash can or bucket with 3.5 or 7 l of water and rapidly pour it into the toilet bowl. If it flushes slowly, most likely there is a drain clog. A plumber in London can address this problem. Things to consider:

•    In case your toilet flushes slower in time, it may be because to mineral deposits in the holes beneath the rim, or because the jet hole is blocked;
•    The majority of toilets drain in the same waste line, therefore if all of them flush slowly, it could be due to a blockage in the main line.

Plunge the toilet

By utilizing a plunger, local plumbers will plunge the toilet. If the slow flushing is because a partial waste blockage, a plunger will fix this issue. The plunger has to be especially designed for being used in toilet bowls. They have an additional rubber cone which is projected down into the bowl and offer a better seal against the bottom when being pressed in place.

The water in the bowl should entirely cover the rubber cup, not being too empty or too full either. Then, the rubber cone is pressed into the opening at the base and the handle is pressed strongly to force the rim of the rubber cup tight. The handle is pumped firmly up and down. The main principle here is to maximize the suction generated by the last push, as clogs are commonly easier to eliminate when pulled back into the bowl than if they are forced down into the pipes and an emergency plumber in London can explain more details on the procedure. 

Use an auger in London

In case there might be a backing up blockage in the toilet, a slow toilet in London can be fixed with a toilet auger. Toilet augers have a length of pipe near the handle with a bend at one end to carry the tip of the spring-steel cable upwards and over the rim of the trap inside the toilet bowl. The auger is engineered so that twisting the handle sends the twist to the spring-steel cable while it is pushed deeper into the drain.

If you need fixing a slow toilet and need the expertise of a plumber in London, we can help you with this problem in no time. Please contact our emergency plumber in London.