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Install a Pedestal Sink in London

Install a Pedestal Sink in London

If you want to give your bathroom a classy look with more space, why not install a pedestal sink in your London home? Our plumbers in London can take care of this job for you in a matter of hours. Here is how they do that.

1.    Removing the old vanity in London

The water supply is turned off and the faucet is turned on to free the pressure in the lines.

The nuts are loosened to remove the drain pipes. Then, our plumber in London puts a bucket under the pipes to collect any dripping water. The water lines are disconnected from the valves.

The top is separated from the vanity with a putty knife. It is lifted and the screws which attach the vanity to the wall are backed out.

2.    Effectuate any repairs

The next step in installing a pedestal sink in London is to effectuate any repairs, if necessary. These may include moving the supply lines and drain. 

3.    Installing the new pedestal sink in London

It is now the time for our plumbers in London to install the new pedestal sink. Some of them might need a support board behind the finished wall to add a supplementary support. 

Then, our local plumbers follow these steps:

•    Marking the height of the sink on the wall;
•    Cutting out a portion of the wallboard to show the studs;
•    Notching the studs for the support board with a jigsaw;
•    Securing the board to the notched studs with screws.

4.    Repairing the surface of the wall

Now it would be the perfect time to paint or to set up wall tiles or a new flooring.

5.    Placing the sink pedestal

The pedestal is centered on the wall and the sink is set tight against the wall.

Afterwards, the emergency plumber inLondon will verify that the pedestal is level and adjust it correctly. 

6.    Securing the pedestal sink in London

The anchor holes of the sink are marked on the wall and the pedestal hole – on the floor. The holes are then drilled. 

The hanger bolts are installed in the wall, after which the pedestal is secured to the floor with a lag bolt and washer.

The faucet and drain are attached before putting the sink in its place. 

7.    Verifying for leaks with the help of plumbers near me 

The last step in installing a pedestal sink in London is reconnecting the water supply and drain. Then, the new sink is tested for leaks.

If you would like to install a pedestal sink in London, or if you require any other plumbing services in London, please contact us.