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Install a Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet in London

Install a Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet in London

Having a single-handle kitchen faucet is recommended for all houses in London. It is easy to install and is one of the best options for proper water function in your kitchen. Our plumbers in London can help you with guidance, assistance, and recommendations if you want to buy and install a single-handle kitchen faucet.

Removing the old faucet in London – a procedure done by plumbers near me 

The most challenging part of installing a single-handle kitchen faucet is removing the old one. There can be a lot of unexpected issues, such as corroded lines, tough to reach nuts and so on. That is why it is advisable to let a London plumbing professional deal with this job, in order to make sure it is done correctly and without further complications.

When removing the old faucet, our plumbers in London will take the steps mentioned below:

1.    Removing the old drain pipes from the faucet: the lines and P-traps are disconnected in case they are stopping the localplumbers to access the faucet and the water supply pipes. If the drain lines have to be removed in order to reach the faucet, a pipe wrench or slip-joint pliers will be utilized. For cutting the copper tubes, a conventional tubing cutter will be needed;
2.   Disconnecting the garbage disposer: the garbage disposer is disconnected, or the circuit breaker is turned off in case the disposer is wired directly. The discharge line of the dishwasher is disconnected with the use of rags. Then, the disposer is released by beating gently the retaining ring with a hammer in a counterclockwise track. 

Short guide on how to install a single-handle kitchen faucet

Before beginning any installation, the plumber in London will turn off the water valves and then will drain any excess of water. The hot and the cold water supply lines will then be disconnected with a pipe wrench. The old faucet will be removed using a basin wrench to unscrew the coupling and the mounting nuts that connect the supply pipes to the spout. The next step is to disconnect the sprayer hose and to remove the old faucet. The plumber will analyze if the sprayer hose is in good shape or needs to be replaced.

If the plumber uses a new sprayer hose, he will place it through the center faucet hole, and then will use an adjustable wrench to connect the hose to the sprayer nipple. It is time now to attach the flexible connectors to the fittings of the faucet supply pipes. The emergencyplumber in London will use two pipe wrenches to tighten each connection. It is a well-known method that our plumber uses in order to prevent twisting or damaging the faucets’ cooper supply pipes.

Your plumber in London will then insert the connectors and also the supply lines into the center hole of your sink, in order to place the faucet. A second flexible connector will be attached and properly tightened up. The single-handle kitchen faucet is now installed, so it’s time to check out if it runs correctly. The plumber will also see if there are any pipe leaks behind the faucet or under the sink.

Tips when you install a single-handle kitchen faucet in London

It is recommended to ask for plumbing services in London, if you want your kitchen faucet to work properly, or if you wish a correct single-handle kitchen faucet installation. The localplumbers will also check if the garbage disposal under the kitchen sink functions correctly with the newly installed faucet. If there are any pipe leakages, the plumber will repair or replace the faucet, if necessary.

Please feel free to contact our team of plumbers in London, if you need to install a single-handle kitchen faucet.