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Install a Wall Oven in London

Install a Wall Oven in London

Installing a new wall oven in London will allow you to take advantage of different modern oven styles, as well as groundbreaking features so that you can create the most delightful meals and update your kitchen. As follows, our plumbers in London explain how we install a wall oven in London.

Installation procedure of a wall oven in London

This is how our plumber in London sets up a wall oven:

• Turning off the circuit breaker which supplies the oven with electricity;

• Removing the doors of the existing wall oven in London;

• Removing the anchoring screws and attentively sliding or lifting the old oven from its cabinet;

• Cutting the electrical wires which are going towards the existing oven;

• Finding the electrical junction box at the back of the cabinet;

• Measuring the cabinet opening dimensions and comparing them with the dimensions of the new oven specified in its documentation. If the necessary opening is wider than the cabinet opening, our plumbers in London will divide the difference by two and cut half of that difference from every side of the opening;

• Attaching a right-angle clam to the armored cable;

• Twisting every house wire and its corresponding oven-cable wire together. Then, our local plumbers secure them with a wire nut;

• Folding the connected wires in the junction box, replacing the cover and attaching the right-angle cable bracket to the cover;

•  Elevating and sliding the new oven inside the cabinet, and tightening the screws to secure it;

• Attaching the oven doors and, if applicable, the supplied trimming;

• Turning on the circuit breaker.

Types of wall ovens in London

In London, there are quite a lot of wall oven types:

Electric convection wall ovens: they, in our emergency plumber in London experience, are the most commonly used ones. They have different cooking modes to choose;

Conventional electric wall oven: being able to maintain the heat, this type of oven is mostly suitable for cooking at constant temperatures;

Gas wall ovens: these are mainly used for roasting or baking heavy cakes which need moisture.

If you need a wall oven installation in London, or for any other kind of plumbing services in London, please feel free to contact our friendly team of local plumbers