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Install a Washing Machine in London

Install a Washing Machine in London

Just replaced your old washing machine with a new one? Some washing machinesin London are installed for free by the appliance store. However, if that is not the case, our plumbers in London can help you to set it up.

Here is how we install a washing machine in London.

Measuring the hoses of the washing machine in London

First, our emergencyplumber in London will measure the space where the washing machine will be placed in order to determine how long its hoses will have to be.

Also, the location of the washing machine in London has to be right, close to the water lines, drain line and power cord.

Connecting the water

Since you have a new washing machine, our plumbers in London recommend you to set up new washing machine hoses, too. 

These hoses are connected to the water outlets behind the washer. They are marked cold and hot on the machine, being hooked in the correct cold and hot valves.

In case the space is tight, it might be necessary to hook up the cold and hot water hoses to the washer first, place it into its location and then hook up the hoses to the valves.

Connecting the drain line in London

Next, our emergency plumber inLondon will connect the drain line to the appliance.

In some cases, it will be necessary to hook up the drain connections on the back of the washer by using a hose clamp. In some other cases, they will already be set up.

The drain line could have a barbed end on it to ensure it does not slip out of the standpipe, or simply a sharp hook shape which matches onto the drain.

Connecting the electric cord, with the help of plumbers near me 

The electric cord is plugged in before placing the washing machine in London into its location. Now is the time to turn on the water lines, as well, and effectuate a test load to ensure the appliance is functioning appropriately.

This way, small leaks or even a flood can be prevented and save you the time and trouble of fixing it.

If you need a washing machine installation in London, or any other type of plumbing services in London, we welcome you to speak to one of our local plumbers.