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Installation of Water Heaters in London

Installation of Water Heaters in London

With precise maintenance, today’s electric water heaters are intended to last around six to 12 years. The necessary upgrade can be done by our plumber in London, in order to place the new water heater, to connect to the electrical supply and to correct the thermostat.

Important steps when installing a water heater in London by local plumbers

 Our plumbers in London have the suitable expertise in order to replace the water heaters in your house and here are the main phases:

•    turning off the power until the installation is finished;
•    using a level along with the water heater;
•    making sure the valve is in the open point and then connecting it to the source mark;
•    attaching the plumbing supply lines to the water heater according to the producer’s directions;
•    making sure the drain faucet is totally locked and then turning the central water source on;
•    making sure the electric water heater is full of water before reestablishing power; 
•    when totally filled, the plumber will close the spigots and will check for leakages.

water boiler, particularly an electric model is quite a simple device. The water is warmed up by a few electric resistance components that spread from the lateral of the tank into the middle of the water. Our London plumbing professionals can offer proper installation for your water heater, starting with replacing the old tank, using also the producer’s instructions step by step.

Recommendations for a proper water heater installation from our plumber in London

Our team in London will check the work by filling the boiler with water and making sure that there are no drips in your plumbing work. Then they will close the drain faucet before turning the water on.  After the tank is full, the plumber will turn on the power to the heating components. As a piece of advice, don’t turn on the elements before the tank is full of water because they will be damaged and will need to be changed.

Please feel free to contact our emergency plumber in London for any other information or plumbing services.