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Plumbing Tips for a Kitchen Renovation in London

Plumbing Tips for a Kitchen Renovation in London

If you decided to manage yourself the kitchen renovation, there are certain plumbing issues which have to be taken into consideration to ensure that the kitchen will be running smoothly and everything in this room will be functioning accordingly, besides just looking nice. Here are a few plumbing tips for a kitchen renovation in London from our local plumbers.

1. Place the plumbing in the same location in your London kitchen

Placing the plumbing drains and fixtures in the same locations in your kitchen will save you a lot of expenses and stress.

When you design the new kitchen, our plumber in London recommends you to place the sink and dishwasher in the same place.

In case the refrigerator has to be connected to water, try to place it in the same location. However, if you have decided to change it for a plumbed one, speak to our localplumbers on which would be the most appropriate place so that it can be easily set up.

2. Measure the dishwasher in London

When acquiring new kitchen cabinets, it is always a good thing to measure the dishwasher first. Even though appliance retailers most of the times say that these appliances have a standard size, sometimes there can be small differences between different models.

3. Consider your budget

It is an important plumbing tip for a kitchen renovation in London.

When designing the new kitchen, our plumbers in London advise you to consider the budget related to the plumbing layout.

Moving walls and changing rooms could seem like good ideas, however, are they cost-effective? Moving windows, lights, doors and plumbing around certainly adds some extra expenses.

Most of the major changes need a qualified tradesman to make them. Our local plumbers can advise you on how to match the changes with your budget.

4. Decide which type of sink you want in your new London kitchen

Our emergencyplumber in London recommends you to choose a sink first before finishing the cabinetry. In case you are not changing the plumbing place, you can have the cabinetry made first.

However, ensure the person who does the cabinetry knows exactly what sink you will be installing so that he or she can ensure to choose the right piping at the correct height and that there will be enough space between the sink bottom and any shelves to match the drain pipes.

If you have more questions about how to do a kitchen remodel in London, or for any plumbing services in London you might need, please contact us.