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Repair a Stuck Washing Machine Hose

Repair a Stuck Washing Machine Hose

When a washing machine hose gets stuck, it can be a problem when trying to replace it. Our plumbers in London, however, know how to deal with this issue and replace it so that your washing machine can start functioning properly in no time.

How this job is taken care of by our plumber in London

In the case in which you have a corroded laundry hose, you can request information from our emergency plumber in London on the process of replacing it without damaging other parts, such as the valve. Here, the plumber in London will use a Dremel tool so that he can easily release the end side of the hose. In order to complete this procedure and repair the washing machine hose, the plumber will have to cut the hose progressively.

While doing this, he will wear safety glasses. After this, the plumber will create two slices from the opposites sides of the hose. As a general rule, when dealing with a corroded washing machine hose, one should know in almost all of the cases, the hose will be impossible to unscrew. Therefore, it will be required to cut through the hose end. When doing so, our local plumbers avoid cutting too deep. After the hose end is cut in two places, they try to unscrew the fixture with a pipe wrench or water pump pliers.

What is the data on washing machines in the UK?

UK is one of the countries that have a high market absorption of washing machines, which has increased gradually over the decades. Statistically speaking, as revealed by a report of the Department of Energy and Climate, presented on the UK Data Service portal, the highest rate of owners or washing machines is registered in the case of those who are home owners and who are a part of a larger family unit. 

In British households where a single person lives, the presence of a washing machine is observed to be lower; the same applies to homes where there aren’t any children or where the persons are above 75 years old. The income of a family unit is also of importance and here, the study observed that those who are in a low income bracket will generally not have a washing machine. Below, you can read few interesting things about washing machine ownership

  • in the 1970s, the washing machine ownership rate stood at 65%;
  • throughout the years, it rapidly increased, reaching a very high rate of 98% in 2017-2018;
  • according to the study mentioned above, more than 2,1 million washing machines in the UK are older than 10 years, and this can have a negative effect on energy savings of the respective households and this can also lead to dealing with a stuck washing machine hose;
  • the study also revealed that the median time for using a machine per week is of 4, and 59% of the owners will use a washing program running at 40 degrees C, while only 8% use programs with temperatures above 40 degrees C;
  • the industry that sells washing machines in the UK is part of the retail chain – and its segment is represented by the electrical household appliance, which is estimated at a total number of 3,974 companies, employing more than 36,000 persons. 

What type of washing machine should one choose?

If you don’t need to repair a stuck washing machine hose or you are interested to find out what type of product you should select in order to avoid future mechanical issues with your washer, you can address to our plumber in London, who is able to present to you the main characteristics that you should search in this type of product. 

The decision of selecting a specific product will be influenced by numerous factors, of course – the type of washer you want, the available space that you have in your home, the budget, the environmental issues, the load capacity and others. First, you should know that the price of a washing machine can vary between GBP 200 to GBP 1,000, depending on the quality, the brand, its characteristics, etc. 

However, you must be aware that even in the case of top-quality washing machines, you may need to deal with fixing the stuck washing machine hose. Currently, you can choose from freestanding washing machines, integrated washing machinessemi-integrated washing machines, or those that operate as washers-dryers. Given that there are many options, when dealing with a stuck washing machine hose, different procedures may need to be applied by our local plumbers

For instance, in the case of an integrated washing machine, which is currently in high demand due to its aesthetic quality, when having to repair a stuck washing machine hose, our plumber in London will probably need to dismantle the cupboard in which the washing machine is situated in, so that he can reach the hose

With semi-integrated, the same will apply, as this type of design generally means that the machine is integrated in a kitchen cupboard or in another type of cupboard, but you can see its front. Here, the same methods will be applied, so you should prepare for a more complex procedure. 

The washing machine hose can become stuck due to various reasons. One of them is that a mechanical issue happened inside the hose, but external factors can also be responsible for this. If the washing machine house is stuck, this means that you will not be able to wash your clothes properly and if you notice any problems during the washing cycles, it is recommended to stop it and call our local plumbers

Please mind that when you install your washing machine in your house, there are certain aspects you should take into consideration. First, you should never put your washing machine very close to the wall. Between the wall and the back of the washing machine there should be an empty space of at least 7 cm, where the pipes of the washer and the washing machine hose will have plenty of space to stay in the right shape that they should, so that the entry and exit of water is done in accordance with the basic requirements. 

Replacing a washing machine water supply hose in London

Sometimes, when the washing machine is located on a second floor, in the kitchen or in a laundry room, this could be the cause of a flood in your house. Our emergency plumber inLondon knows that, in time, the washing machine hoses can get weakened and may cause leaks leading to quite significant damages.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend you to have our local plumbers replace the rubber hoses with mesh ones, which are quite inexpensive and last much longer. In order to do that, we take the following measures: unplugging the washing machine, turning off the water supply to the washing machine and disconnecting the current rubber hoses, firstly the washing machine ones and then the valve ones.

It is also necessary to reinverting the procedure for the mesh hoses, turning the water back on and plugging it back in. If you need to fix a corroded laundry hose, or for any other kind of plumbing services in London, we invite you to speak to one of our experienced local plumbers.

Our plumber can help in the process of fixing other home appliances. You can contact our team for complex plumbing services, such as if you need to replumb a house.

This is a very complex task, as the previous plumbing system will be removed from the entire property and in its place, a new, modern and more efficient plumbing system will be inserted. This procedure can take several weeks.

Our plumber in Ilford can provide professional plumbing services if you want to start a replumbing project. You will need the assistance of plumbers who have a long experience in offering this service.

You can rely on the fact that our team has successfully completed many similar projects for smaller or larger properties and that the quality of the work recommends our team.