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Replace a Flexible Tube in London

Replace a Flexible Tube in London

Flexible water supply tubes represent the easiest and most operational method of connecting toilets, faucets and other appliances to the water supply valves which are attached to the supply lines. In this article, our plumber in London outlines a few important aspects related to replacing a flexible water tube in London.

When do flexible water tubes have to be replaced in London?

Firstly, it is important to note that whenever an appliance, like a faucet or a toilet, is replaced, the flexible tubes in London have to be replaced, as well.

No matter if the supply line does not look damaged, our plumbers in London strongly advise you to replace it. 

This is because when the rubber seal is opened, it is quite difficult to re-seal it, particularly if the rubber gasket is an old one.

A rubber gasket which has been functioning for several years is most likely less flexible than a new one and it cannot form a watertight seal.

A lot of new kitchen or bathroom faucets are starting to be built with flexible tubes inside them, so that the old tubes will automatically have to be replaced when changing the faucet. Our plumber in London can help you if you want to acquire this type of faucets, as well as with the installation of such appliances.

Types of flexible tubes in London, presented by plumbers near me 

Flexible tubes in London can be:

Braided nylon flexible tubes: these come with a reinforced outer core and present a solid PVS interior core. They are generally white and are usually utilized for cold and hot water supply pipes. This type of flex tubes is very flexible, therefore it can be acquired in long dimensions and looped if needed. Our  emergency plumber in London can offer more details on this type of flex tubes;

Stainless steel braided flexible tubes: they are fabricated from braided stainless steel at the exterior and generally have a PVC inner core. The stainless steel from their exterior is very good for exposed areas, not only because they look good, but also due to the fact that it protects them from the outside, since it does not corrode;

PVC flexible tubes in London: these are durable and strong, being fabricated from a PVC exterior core which is generally braided with nylon, and an interior core fabricated from solid PVC. They are usually the most affordable option, even though they are very flexible, having a great strength and being easy to handle. 

In case you need to know more about flex lines in London, or for any plumbing services in London, please contact our friendly local plumbers