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Professional Team of Plumbers in London

One definitely has to know that when a plumbing issue arises, it must always be taken care of by a team of professional plumbers. Regardless if you have to repair hot water systems, leaking pipes, repairing gas stoves or gas pipes, you can rely on our plumbers in London for professional services. More than this, you can expect that our plumbers will provide cost-efficient solutions. 

Our services cover both various plumbing repairs, as well as plumbing installations, and you can rest assured that you will get reliable and affordable services. No matter what your plumbing problem might be, we can send a licensed plumber in London or an entire team of plumbers who can sort it out, leaving your home clean and  tidy. 

 Quick Facts  
  Types of clients we can serve 

residential, commercial and industrial clients 

Main types of plumbing services in London

– basic plumbing services (pipe installation/repair, installing sinks, water taps, showers, toilets)
– installing all kitchen appliances and gas appliances, boiler installs

Participating in house remodeling projects (yes/no)

Providing emergency plumbing services (yes/no)


Licensed for gas/boiler installs (yes/no) Yes
Ability to enter large-scale plumbing projects (yes/no)

Yes (here, we can organize a team of professionals) 

Main types of pipes we work with 

Iron pipes, copper pipes, PVC pipes

Providing plumbing services for old and very old houses (yes/no) Yes 
Types of outdoor plumbing services in London   Pumbing services for fountains, pools, irrigation systems, etc.
Gas-related services offered by our plumbers in London Gas leak detection, installing gas ovens and stoves, installing gas pipes 
When is repiping recommended   Repiping is recommended when a pipe or an entire system of pipes can no longer be fixed through small plumbing interventions. In some cases, repiping is the sole solution for the plumbing system of a property.  

 Ways to contact our professional team of plumbers in London 

You can address our team via e-mail, by completing the online form available on our website, or by directly calling us at our phone number.  

 Regular issues our team usually handles 

– fixing broken pipes and kitchen/bathroom sanitaryware,

– fixing clogged pipes,

– gas leaks,

– flooded basements.  

 What constitutes an emergency plumbing issue   An emergency plumbing issue that must be resolved by a professional team of plumbers in London is any situation that needs urgent fixing (bursting pipes, flooding of a property, gas leaks and any other matter that can potentially be harmful for the safety of people and of the property and neighbouring properties. 
 Plumbing services designed for commercial clients 

– installing/replacing industrial drainage and waste lines,

– plumbing customized for the needs of large buildings,

– installing modern plumbing and sanitaryware for offices, restaurants, etc.   

 Types of appliances we are accredited to fix/install  

 – washing mashines,

– water boilers,

– dishwashers,

– air conditioning systems,

– refrigerators,

– water heaters,

– heating systems, etc. 

 Accreditation institutions for our professional team of plumbers in London  

– Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering,

– Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors 

 Places in London where our team is available 

Our team of plumbers can be found in various areas of the city, such as Wimbledon, Ealing, Ilford, Chiswick, Kilburn. Our teams are spread in the main London regions – Central London, Eastern London, North London, West London, South London.  

Types of fees charged by our team   

Our team charges fees based on hourly rates or daily rates. They are also influenced by the number of plumbers required for a task (most of the tasks require the presence of one plumber, but there are situations when the participation of minimum 2 plumbers is necessary).  

 Minimum hourly rate charged in London   The hourly rate is influenced by the experience of the plumber, the task to be performed, the region and the moment of the day when the plumber is called, but in general, the minimum fee is of GBP 40.  

What kind of plumbing services do we offer in London?

Generally, our plumbers in London provide great services for residential home possessors along with commercial and industrial buildings. Our team is prepared to handle various types of plumbing issues for various types of buildings (London has very old buildings as well, in which plumbing issues can be resolved following specific regulations). We offer a wide variety of services, such as:

  • re-piping services for any area of your house or apartment, which will take place only after our plumbers will make an inspection to establish the best approach for your situation and repairing or replacing pipes in kitchens, bathrooms and even outside the house;
  • pre-purchase plumbing inspections – we can help you establish if the house you are about to buy is OK from a plumbing point of view and we can also assist in clearing clogged drains inside and outside the house, by using the most modern equipment and solutions; 
  • repair or replacement of water taps in kitchens and bathrooms of houses and commercial buildings and repairing or replacing old toilets with new ones, including offering advice on how to choose a new toilet bowl; 
  • repairing sinks or shower faucets – we can also assist in choosing new faucets for your kitchen or bathroom and we can offer plumbing system maintenance – we offer full services to homeowners in London;
  • septic system installation and maintenance based on the size and structure of the house, replacement of toilet flooring – our London plumbers also offer these services, on request, and you can also receive shower screen installation – one of the latest trends among homeowners in London;
  • aluminum door replacement – aluminum doors are lightweight and have a great lifespan – and our plumber in London can also offer well pump repairs or pump replacements. 

A person may need to repipe a house when the house is old and it needs an upgrade (due to constant fails of the piping system) or the owners of the property decided to renovate the entire building.

This procedure is also recommended because old piping systems are made from materials which are known now to be damaging to people’s health or damaging to the environment.

Whenever you need a plumber in London just give us a call or send us an e-mail with details about your plumbing emergency and we will resolve it as fast as possible. You can also call our emergency plumber in London in the case in which the plumbing issue arises outside our normal work schedule.

If you live in a certain part of London, such as Ilford, you can always request our services for plumbing in Ilford. This region represents a town that is included in the Greater London area, located in the north-eastern part.

The old part of Ilford has gone through a major residential development in the last decades, so many of these buildings may need plumbing services.

Plumber in London

The most common plumbing issues in London

London is one of the most humid cities in the world with rains falling for the most part of the year. This is why floods are quite common here. Our local plumbers are qualified for dealing with all the problems caused by massive rains. We can help residential and commercial building owners with some of the most common plumbing issues in London. These must usually face:

  • flooded basements, yards and sometimes even houses – we have the right equipment to remove the water;
  • clogged pipes represent another common issue in London homes, because some basic rules related to pouring grease and other debris in the kitchen sink are not respected;
  • broken plumbing systems, especially in the bathroom which is usually prone to all sorts of blockages;
  • another common problem in a London home is a gas leak, but we can detect any problem related to the gas system and recommend the right appliances to be installed in order to prevent other problems.

Our local plumbers use the latest equipment in order to offer rapid, cost-efficient and the least disruptive solutions for resolving any plumbing issue. If you need an emergency plumber in London, you can rely on our plumbing firmOur emergency plumber in London can handle any of the plumbing issues that are resolved by our other plumbers.   

A dedicated team of plumbers in London

Our licensed plumbers believe in doing the job right the first time by using top class industry-standard products and there are never any hidden taxes or add-on expenses. Our experience is what makes our clients recommend us, and the services we provide will always have a high level of quality, and they will be completed in the estimated time.  

Our thoroughly trained plumbers in London possess the right expertise, which is why our clients come back to us again and again for many years. We have the appropriate technology and skills which ensure high-quality services, being able to cost-effectively and reliably solve any problem in the plumbing field. 

We are specialized in tankless and traditional water stoppages, heaters, sewer cleaning, and re-piping, water leaks, gas line repair, drain cleaning, clogged toilets, and remodeling. This is why we provide numerous types of high-quality plumbing services, at rates that can be seen as very convenient for our customers. In case you need an emergency plumber in London, you should know that our professional plumbers are always ready to intervene and resolve the plumbing problems you are dealing with.

Residential plumbing services available in London

You can rely on the following plumbing services for your home in London:

  • repair of the interior water supply system, including kitchen and bathroom faucets and pipes;
  • repair of the exterior water supply system, which can include the drainage and irrigation systems;
  • repair of the whole waste, drain and venting systems for new and old houses;
  • plumbing services related to the gas supply lines, including repairs or replacement of older pipes. 

Thus, if you need the services of a plumber in London, our company can be of assistance for any type of plumbing issue

Plumbing services for commercial and industrial buildings in London

Not only homeowners need plumbing services in London, which is why our team of professional local plumbers can also resolve any issue of more complicated buildings, such as commercial and industrial ones. Among our commercial plumbing services in London we mention the following:

  • evaluation of the whole drainage and waste lines and replacements, where the case requires;
  • plumbing and maintenance services for bathrooms and kitchens of office buildings;
  • removal of tree roots and other debris from the courtyards of industrial buildings;
  • installation of grease traps, modern and economic faucets and taps for restaurants.

Pipe repair and replacement services provided by our local plumbers 

One of the most common plumbing problems found in a London home or apartment is related to the piping system, except for when the unit is new. Other than that, this is one of the first aspects to verify when purchasing a new home, according to our plumbers in London.

This is why it is best to have a house or apartment to be bought verified by a specialist before closing the deal. Such a professional can help you find the hidden problems of the unit and, if you do decide to purchase it because of a lower price, one of our plumbers can advise on the discount you can ask for. Once purchased, we can help you with the repair or replacement of the piping system.

We offer specialized pipe repair services in London, and among the most common piping issues you can face in a home here are the ones related to kitchen and bathroom piping systems. Corroded and leaking pipes are common issues that determine people to call our local plumbers. Although these issues do not represent a complex matter in terms of their repairing procedure, corroded pipes may actually need a more extensive work compared to the standard plumbing procedures done by our plumber in London.

Our plumber can provide assistance and advice on whether the pipe can be repaired or if it actually needs to be replaced. In some cases, the repairing procedure can actually be more costly than purchasing a new pipe and install it. If you need plumbing services in another city, for example in Bucharest, we recommend our partner plumbing firm from Romania – www.instalatori.co.

The most common kitchen plumbing issues in London

Plumbing issues can be divided into two large categories: kitchen plumbing and bathroom plumbing problems. When it comes to the kitchen, there are various problems which can appear, among which the kitchen sink can pose most of the problems. While some of these issues, such as the replacement of a water tap can be easy to repair on your own, there are others which require a specialized hand, especially when dealing with pipes which can burst and cause floods.

Our emergency plumbers in London do not handle only water-related kitchen problems, as you can also rely on us if you need help in installing a gas stove, a hob, and even a cooking hood. We can also help detect gas leaks which, as you know, are very dangerous. We can also assist with gas pipe installation services in London. If you think there is something wrong with the water or gas piping system in your home in London, it is best to have us take a look at it before starting any repairs on your own.

Bathroom plumbing problems in London

The bathroom is one of the most employed rooms in a home, which is why the piping system here is the most solicited and most of the plumbing problems occurring in a home are in the bathroom. The toilet and the bathtub or shower are the ones to cause most of the issues. Just like in the kitchen, there are some problems like a running toilet which can be fixed easily, however, when the problem goes deeper in the piping system, we recommend you call our local plumbers.

You can also rely on us for tips on how to prevent certain problems. Among these, keeping debris out of the shower drains is one of the most common plumbing advice ever given by our plumber in London to homeowners. You can address to us if you also need advice on how to better maintain your plumbing systems, as our plumbers will provide certain tips that can be of help in your case. 

Assistance in installing various appliances in your home in London

Water recirculating pumps, sewage pumpsand water tanks are just three of the appliances you can have installed with the help of our local plumbers. You must know that these appliances can be of great help and they can increase the level of comfort in your house and, more importantly, increase the protection against flooding. No matter the type of appliance you need to have installed, you can rely on the specialized services offered by our local plumbers.

Modern equipment, used by our plumbers in London  

We always try to keep up with the latest developments in the plumbing industry which is why we constantly undergo training which facilitates not only our work but also improves the plumbing services we offer in LondonOur plumbers are trained to use various modern plumbing techniques, including video inspections, but the right approach will be established once the plumber arrives at your premises and observes the nature of the plumbing issue

Our plumbers can also offer pipe coating and pipe lining services, through which an old pipe is repaired through a technique which implies that our specialist will spray several layers of resin on the pipe. The pipe will be just as good as a new pipe, but the repair will have much lower costs. 

We invite you to watch a short presentation on our plumbing services in London:

Do you need a plumber in London?  – Call us!

You can call our plumbers in London anytime and for any problem. We can repair the following types of appliances:

  • water heaters, whether with a tank or tankless, including solar water heaters;
  • water boilers;
  • washing machinesclothes dryers;
  • dishwashers;
  • air conditioning systems and refrigerators.

You just need to let us know what the problem is, so we can take the right equipment and come to your house in maximum 24 hours. You can also rely on our emergency plumber in London if you have any plumbing emergency, so do not hesitate to contact us no matter the problem.

What is the data on the plumbing industry in London?

Being a plumber in London represents a very lucrative profession, due to the fact that the city has numerous old buildings that need constant repairs. Given the expansive population of London, and the number of new buildings that constantly appear in the city, plumbers are constantly on the call. 

Most plumbing companies will provide regional coverage on their plumbing services, as the city is very large, and this is why it is best to address to local plumbers, who can easily arrive at your premises. It is also important to know that a large share of the plumbers working in the UK are registered as self-employed entities. Below, you can find out some of the most interesting aspects of this profession: 

  • the average yearly salary of a plumber in the UK is of GBP 35,457 (salary measured for 2019);
  • the average number of working hours completed by a plumber is of 46 per week;
  • from 2017 to 2018, the average salary increased by 2,4%;
  • the unemployment rate in this industry is situated at 2,07%;
  • with regards to the employment framework, 43,4% of all the plumbers operate as self-employed persons (at a national level, this accounts for 73,871 persons), while persons working as full-time employees account for the largest share, of 55,2% (or 94,105 persons) and part-time employees represent only 1,4% (or 2,383 persons);
  • London is the 2nd most important employer at a national level, where 23,054 plumbers work, after the Southeast England region, where there are 24,930 plumbers

plumber in London will generally have an annual salary a little bit higher than the national average. For instance, in London, a plumber can earn GBP 36,805 per year, as the average salary. On a year-to-year basis, the salary increase in London expanded at a very fast pace, marking a 8,4% increase (much higher than the national average of 2,4%), 

The maximum yearly salary of a plumber in London can reach GBP 88,400, while the maximum in the rest of the country is of GBP 46,670. One should also know that although this profession is in high demand at the moment, there aren’t sufficient persons qualified for this. In the UK, it was observed a lack of interest of young persons in becoming plumbers, and, while the previous generation of plumbers retires, there aren’t enough persons to fill in the required number of plumbing specialists

For instance, at the moment, in March 2020, in London, the number of vacancies for plumbers is of 1,674. The industry is very well represented on the market and plumbers can also be a part of various trade associations, which are set up to represent their interest, but also to establish a common level of professional skills and practices. 

Those who work as local plumbers in London can be part of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering and the Association of Plumbing and Heating ContractorsOur team of plumbers is also certified by these institutions, and thus, you can easily rely on the services provided by our plumbing specialists

Quick and reliable plumbing services in London

If you are worried that the time for a plumber to come and resolve your issue is too long, you don’t need to worry about that with us. Our team provides reliable services, done in the shortest amount of time, at very competitive prices. You just need to call and tell us what the problem is in order for our plumbers to know what tools to bring with them.

You must know that we will need as many details as possible on your current plumbing issue, in order to find out if the problem can be solved by a single plumber in London or by multiple members of our team. Remember that asking for professional advice is often preferred than handling a problem on your own and then finding out the problem persists or worse, it caused more damage.

Plumbing issues appear in unusual moments, so our plumbers in London are prompt and available whenever you need them. If you want all the plumbing problems fixed, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We also remain at your disposal in the case in which you represent a commercial entity that needs plumbing services in London.