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London Plumbing Ilford

London Plumbing Ilford

Plumbing services in Ilford, London are available for any person or company located in this region and its surroundings. Plumbing services cover a wide range of services designed for houses, apartments or commercial buildings as well. 

Of course, amongst the services provided by our plumbers in London one can also find emergency plumbing. This is available through our emergency plumber in London, who is reachable 7 days a week.  

What are the main plumbing services in Ilford, London? 

Our main plumbing services aim at the general plumbing issues of a home/location. These refer to plumbing issues that originated in kitchens and bathrooms, where most of such problems generally appear. 

This is due to the fact that most of the plumbing system of a home or another similar unit is located in these 2 rooms. However, plumbing services can refer to other parts of a building. These can include: 1) the technical room, 2) the heating system of the unit, 3) the pipes located under the floor, 4) the pipes located in the walls, 5) piping system of a garden, etc. 

In the list below, we invite you to discover some of the main plumbing services in Ilford, London

  • water leak detection and repair, in the kitchen, bathroom and other parts of the plumbing system;
  • radiator install and repair, as well as any other parts of the heating system;
  • bathroom works – refurbishments, toilet leaks, shower install and repairs;
  • waste disposal and thermostat installs;
  • water heaters install and repair, fixing bursting pipes (which require the assistance of an emergency plumber in London). 

What are the fees charged for plumbing services in Ilford, London? 

Our plumbers generally apply the same fee system in London, but variations can appear, considering that each region in London has its own economic level (thus, distinctions can appear between Central London and the outskirts of the city). With regards to plumbing services in Ilford, London, one can expect to be charged with the following fees: 

  • basic plumbing services can be charged with minimum GBP 65;
  • the servicing of a boiler or its repair can be charged with GBP 75;
  • the installation of a boiler, is, however, more expensive, and one can pay GBP 995;
  • gas leak services are charged with minimum GBP 85; 
  • power flush can cost GBP 350. 

Are plumbers in Ilford certified? 

Yes, persons who work as plumbers in London are required to obtain a certification for the specialization that they have (some plumbers can be specialized in basic plumbing services, while others are certified in gas services). 

The main institution which represents the plumbing industry in the United Kingdom (UK) is the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE). The institution was founded in 1906 and it is set up to represent both the persons working in the plumbing industry and the persons who benefit from such services. 

Plumbers in London who want to become members of the CIPHE can join by paying a membership fee of GBP 30 (for those who are still in training) and GBP 126 as a regular member. 

How to replumb a house in Ilford, London

Replumbing an entire property is not a common plumbing procedure, as this is a time-consuming and costly procedure. In most cases, clients will opt for this procedure when there isn’t any other alternative available (such as partial re-plumbing).

In general, a property owner will need to replumb a house or another type of dwelling when the current plumbing system is so old or worn out that partial re-plumbing is not possible. Please know that in the UK, this procedure can be completed in accordance with the type of property you own.

For instance, if you own a property that is included on the list of protected properties (patrimonial properties), you will need special permits to make any type of major changes to your property, and this can include the plumbing system as well.

Considering these, London plumbing in Ilford will be done in accordance with the specifics of your property and the applicable legislation and this implies that in some circumstances, our plumbers will not be able to follow your specific new layout plumbing plan, if this is the case.

What are the costs associated with re-piping a house?

You must have an adequate budget if you want to replumb a house. The costs vary on the size of the property, the location, the material used and the fees charged by our plumbers in London. Regardless of these coordinates, you must know that it is a costly procedure.

It can vary from GBP 15,000 to GBP 22,000 (prices calculated for 2-bedroom property and 4-bedroom property, respectively). We refer here strictly to properties on land, registered as houses. If you need to change the entire piping system of an apartment, the costs are much lower – around GBP 6,000.

The difference is given by the fact that there are different types of pipes and also because an apartment does not have the typical piping system you can find in the flooring of a house.

Assistance on removing lead pipes

As said above, homeowners generally decide to change the entire piping system when they don’t have another viable option. There is also the possibility of asking our local plumbers to initiate this complex project if your property has lead pipes.

Lead pipes have been banned in the UK in 1969 due to their dangerous nature and this means that if you have a property that was built before 1969, the pipes could be made of lead. Homeowners are not required to change these types of pipes (in the sense that they do not face any legal issues for not removing them), but it is highly recommended to do so.

Those who have lead pipes on their property have the recommendation to remove the said pipes within the boundaries of their property (this is recommended as lead pipes have been associated with various long-term health issues).

If you are not sure of the material of the pipes, our London plumbing Ilford specialists can verify it for you, so you can always contact us to conduct this verification. In order to discover the material of the pipes, you can do a test, which involves finding the pipe that enters your property.

When you discover the main pipe, you can simply scrape the pipe with a coin and if the color of the pipe that results from the scraping is silver, then you will know that you have lead pipes. We mention that the scraping itself is also toxic, as it will release lead dust, so it is advisable to wear a mask or to protect yourself, so that you do not inhale the said dust, or you can call our plumbers in Ilford.

The UK provides the Lead Pipe Replacement Scheme and in order for you to be accepted, you need to prove that you are the sole owner of a property. If you are accepted for the scheme, the pipe system can be replaced as per the rules of the Water Supply Regulations 1999.

The procedure must be completed by plumbers in London who are approved in accordance with the rules of the above-mentioned law. For other information on London plumbing in Ilford, please call us or contact on e-mail.

Why select our plumbing services in Ilford, London? 

Our clients can rely on our local plumbers to help out in any type of plumbing issue. Our team can be contacted via e-mail or phone and, in most cases, the plumbing issue can be resolved on the same day when the client contacted our plumbers

Of course, this will not apply in cases of extensive plumbing work, such as changing the entire plumbing system of a kitchen or bathroom, or refurbishing such rooms.  

In these cases, the presence of at least 2 plumbers will be required, depending on the amount of work and if the plumbing work has to be completed as soon as possible. We invite you to contact our plumbers in London for more details concerning your plumbing work in Ilford