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How to Install Gas Pipes in London

How to Install Gas Pipes in London

Moving to a new home or remodeling an on one does not imply only replacing water pipes, as the gas pipes also need to be inspected and/or replaced in the case of an older house. When talking about a new house, having the gas pipes installed is definitely a must, but it is also not a very good idea to go about on your own.

If you need to have new gas pipes installed or replaced in your home in London, our local plumbers can offer professional help. Our emergency plumber inLondon can also provide you with other services, such as emergency plumbing and even installation of other appliances around the house.

What are the main steps for installing gas pipes in London?

The first and most important step when installing gas pipes in your home in London would be to call a professional, such as one of our plumbers. They would explain the procedure and measure the distances between the appliances and the gas supply line. Then, you should:

  •           buy the right types of pipes and fittings which need to be installed, our plumber will advise on them;
  •           when starting the installation, you should turn off the gas to the house, our plumbers can handle this;
  •           the main gas line will be extended with the use of the pipes and fittings you purchased in order to reach all the appliances you need to have connected;
  •           the new lines installed will then need to be tested in order to prevent any gas leaks.

Once the gas line is installed, our plumbers in London will turn the gas back on.

It may seem easy to install gas pipes; however, the procedure is rather complicated considering you will need special tools and knowledge about the types of pipes to use and how to connect them.

Types of pipes to be used when installing gas lines

There are two types of pipes which need to be used when installing gas lines. The first type is the iron line which is used for connecting pipes located outside the house to the ones inside, and there are also flexible lines used as extensions from the main line to various appliances, such as stove and the central heating unit.

Installing gas pipes also requires obtaining certain approvals if modifications must be made, which is why you need to work with professional and certified firms, such as our plumbing firm in London.

Installing flexible gas pipes in a London house

Flexible gas pipes are very common in London and they are often used inside the house for connecting various appliances to the main supply line. When having flexible gas pipes installed in your home in London, our plumbers will:

  •           use specific tools such as an adjustable crescent wrench, a cutter and flare fittings for connecting the pipes;
  •           a gas range will need to be installed in order to connect the main and the flexible lines;
  •           stainless steel flexible lines are the common and less prone to accidents, in case of gas leaks;
  •           the old gas valve should also be replaced with ball valves which are safer and cheaper.

Our emergency plumber inLondon is qualified to offer a wide range of services, which is why we invite you to get in touch with us no matter the type of plumbing problem you have.

Plumbers near me, installing an iron gas pipe in the house

Iron gas pipes are harder to install because they cannot be bent, therefore, a professional hand is required. The good part of iron gas pipes is that they usually come in fewer sizes, adjusted for household and commercial uses.

Iron gas pipes are usually connected to the main gas line outside the house and to the main pipe inside the house. It is also one of the most important supply lines in a London home together with the main water supply line.

In order to install an iron gas pipe, our plumber will make sure to correctly cut the pipe and thread it in order to prevent any leaks. Our specialists will also use Teflon tape in order to securely fit the iron pipe to the main line.

Testing gas pipes after installation

The final step to installing gas pipes in a house in London is to test them for any gas leaks. Our local plumbers will use a liquid made of water and dish soap and pour a little quantity on the joints of the pipes. In order to make sure there are no leaks, there should be no bubbles when the liquid is poured. Our local plumbers can also use an air compressor through the lines and if there is no air, then the main valve should be turned back on. A gas analyzer can also be used for detecting gas leaks.

It is very important not to test newly-installed gas pipes by turning the gas back on immediately.

If you need to have gas pipes installed or replaced in your home in London, please contact our local plumbers for your own safety. You can also rely on us if you need to have any other plumbing jobs in London.

Of course, we can also assist clients who want to repipe a house or an apartment. Any type of work concerning the piping system of a property can be safely completed by our team.

If you are interested in this service, you must know that the prices range from GBP 14,500 to GBP 21,500 (calculated on the size of the property). Please mind that in this case the price will be estimated for the entire project, not per room, as it can be the case of smaller plumbing jobs.

If you want to start this type of plumbing, please mind that plumbing in Ilford and in other London areas will take into consideration the following, when the plumbers will make the price estimate:

  1. the condition of the property;
  2. the location of the property;
  3. the quality of the plumbing products that the owner wants to be installed;
  4. the experience of the plumbers.