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Emergency Plumber East London

Emergency Plumber East London

If you are currently living in East London and you have an emergency plumbing situationour local plumbers can reach your premises as fast as possible. The East London region refers to the following boroughs: Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets, Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham, Hackney, Havering and Newham

Persons who are located in any of these boroughs, which are located between the eastern part of the old City of London and the northern part of the River Thames, can address to our emergency plumber in East London, who can help in numerous emergency cases that can appear in a home, as presented in this article. 

 Quick Facts  
  East London region includes:  

 East London has several boroughs, as follows: Hackney, Havering, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forests, Newham, Barking and Dagnham. 

Basic plumbing services


Bathroom and kitchen plumbing, central heating, boiler repairs and installs, piping, water tanks installs, leaking repairs, etc. Our emergency plumber in East London can also offer emergency services for any of the above. 
What constitutes an emergency plumbing situation


Gass smell, unusual sounds of the central heating system or of the boiler, water leaks, water pressure issues, sewer waste blockages, etc.  
How to get in contact with our emergency plumber
in East London 

Complete the website form, address an e-mail to our e-mail address or call to our local phone number. 

When can clients contact our emergency plumber in East London  Our emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  
Details to provide regarding the plumbing emergency 

When did the event took place or when the client observed it, where it is located, information about the faulty system/part, and as many other details as possible.   

The time needed for our plumber to arrive at your premises in East London 

30 minutes – 1 hour  

The average cost of plumbing services per hour in East London  Approximately GBP 85
The cost (per hour) for an emergency situation  Approximately GBP 100-200 
Emergency services for the kitchen plumbing Pipes replacement and repairs, water bursts, replacing or repairing faulty appliances, gas emergencies, overflows, etc. 
Types of plumbing products you can buy in
East London 
Pipes of various fabrics, pipe fittings, valves, clips, cleaning solutions, flexible hosing, sealants, waste pipe, traps, connectors, plumbing tools, etc. 
Plumbing services in East London for gardens  Irrigation systems, sprinkler fitting, garden water tap fitting, piping repair, drain cleaning, garden pond system. 
Plumbing services designed for commercial clients  Gas safety inspections, underfloor heating, installing and repairing commercial and industrial boilers, etc.  
Certification/authorization of emergency plumbers  Plumbers must obtain certification in according with their field of interest. The industry is represented by the Association of Plumbing&Heating  Contractors.  
 Institution that grants accreditations for plumbers in East London  The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering.  
 Types of appliances our team can repair  Our team is qualified to handle any emergency issue related to stoves, washing machines, drying machines,refrigerators and other home appliances.    

 Plumbing services related to the heating system 

 You can rely on emergency plumber in East London if you have any problem with a boiler, the central heating system, radiators, thermostats and any others.  

 Authorization for offering gas-related services (yes/no) 


 Institution in charge with the registration of plumbers who offer gas-related services   The Gas Safe Register 
 Emergency services for bathrooms 

 Water bursts, broken pipes, overflows and any other water-related emergency. 

 Minimum appointment time 

 Usually, plumbers book their services for minimum 1 hour.  

 Do clients need to provide their own supplies? 

No, our emergency plumber in East London will arrive at the client’s premises with all the necessary supplies for the respective emergency.   

 Most common emergency plumbing issues  

 Sewer leaks, water leaks, water bursts, gas leaks.  

 What is it advisable to do before the arrival of an emergency plumber?  

 To secure the perimeter of the property (close the water pipes, close the gas pipes, limit the access of water on the property, if there is an overflow) and address any other third party affected by the issue (such as the neighbours). 

 Do clients obtain a quality guarantee on emergency plumbing?    Yes
 Do clients need to be homeowners in order to address emergency plumbers? 

 No, the emergency plumber in East London can be called by anyone living/staying in a given property, regardless of the quality of the person (owner, tenant, security guard, visitor, etc.)

 Can emergency plumbers intervene on the work done by other plumbers? 

 Yes, if there has been prior work done by a different plumber, you do not have to address the same plumber, especially in the case of an emergency. 

 ISO standards for plumbing industry  

 ISO 9001, ISO 45001 

 Property safety protocols  

 When arriving at the client’s premises, our plumber will enforce different property safety protocols, which vary based on the plumbing issue to be resolved.  

 Types of commercial entities that can address our team   Our team can provide professional plumbing services to a variety of commercial units, such as: retail units, healthcare facilities, hospitality units, heritage buildings, industrial buildings, etc.   

How can our emergency plumber in East London help you? 

Plumbing emergencies in a home can appear due to numerous reasons and they can be influenced by the quality of the plumbing system, the number of years since the plumbing system has continuously been working, flaws that can appear on different types of fittings, which are the parts that connect two pipes, these being just few of the problems that can arise when we refer to the internal part of the plumbing system

Our emergency plumber in East London can, however, help you resolve immediately plumbing issues that can appear in your shower or bathtub, toilet, sink, radiators, water heaters and septic tanks. A leak or a burst pipe are also included in the list of the emergency situations that can be resolved by our local plumbers.  

In the case in which you deal with any of the above or with other plumbing issues, the first thing you should do is to call our team of plumbers in London. Our team will require as many details as possible with regards to your situation, with the purpose of evaluating it correctly and send the emergency plumber in East London who is qualified for the respective plumbing situation, together with the necessary devices and tools used for your emergency problem

As a general rule, you should know that our emergency plumber in London can be contacted at any hour and, depending on your location, our specialist will be able to arrive at your premises in 30 minutes – one hour. Our emergency department is available 7 days a week, throughout the year. 

When requesting the services of our emergency plumber in East London you must know that our specialist can cover a wide range of issues, but more commonly, our plumber was generally called for emergency cases that were related to the following: problems of the central heating system, burst water pipes, frozen water pipes, repairs of the boiler and the replacement of the boiler, water leaks or bathroom plumbing

If you are in need of the services of an emergency plumber in London you should know that all our plumbers who are on call for emergency services are registered with the Gas Safe Register – this is an important information in the case in which you require emergency gas services.

Our plumber can provide a rapid response to your situation and you must also know that our plumbing company stocks a large part of the products that are necessary for various plumbing situations, including for emergency cases, which means that we will not lose time with purchasing various necessary plumbing parts.  

Regardless of the emergency you experience at your home, please do not address to an unqualified plumber or try to fix it yourself, as this can lead to many complex issues, that will take a longer period of time to be fixed, and a larger budget as well. Once the plumbing emergency happened, please call our emergency plumber in East London for professional assistance. 

If your central heating system has stopped working, this means that it can be a problem with the manner in which the components of the system were installed and if you are unable to use it, you can call us at any hour of the day. Our emergency plumber in London can verify if all the systems of the central heating are in place, if they were installed according to the instructions, if there appeared various errors, in order to resolve the issue and avoid any future break downs.  

Modern central heating systems can now be controlled through thermostats, which are designed to provide a suitable temperature in the home environment. Smart thermostats have the possibility of self-adjustment to the local environment, based on your heating preferences. At times, such devices can act erratically and this means that the sub-systems they control may not function properly, leading to various heating issues or to a complete malfunction.  

In the case in which the thermostat no longer works properly, or if it has suddenly stopped working, our emergency plumber in East London can fix this problem, as our specialist is trained in repairing such devices that use a more complex technology. 

Please mind that if you need emergency plumbing services in London, our plumber will arrive at your premises taking into account all the health measures that are applicable in the UK in 2021. Depending on your emergency situation, we will try to send to your home the minimum number of plumbers required to complete the situation that you have, in order to avoid any crowding. Throughout 2021, our team is available for emergency cases in any day of the week, at any given hour, as we have not changed our schedule in the context of Covid-19. 

We invite you to watch the video below, which offers a short presentation on the services of our emergency plumber in East London

What are the costs for emergency plumbing services in London in 2021?

A person requiring the services of a plumber in London should know that, as a general rule, the costs associated with such services offered in this city are higher than in the rest of the country. This is given by the fact that the overall cost of living in London is higher compared to other regions. 

With regards to the prices for emergency plumbing situations requested by our emergency plumber in East London, one should know that emergency costs have mostly the same value regardless of the London region, but of course, they can vary based on the situation and the prices of a company. 

Given the fact that this particular situation refers to an emergency case and that the plumber in London is on standby on a 24 hour basis, such costs are generally higher compared to the standard plumbing situations. This is also due to the fact that a plumbing situation can arise at night, outside the typical working hours, during the weekend or during a holiday. When we refer to costs, persons living in London should know the following: 

  • in 2020, the costs charged by a plumber for a hour of work will vary from GBP 40 to GBP 60 in the regions outside London (for standard plumbing work);
  • in Londonlocal plumbers can charge for an hour of work GBP 80 (standard costs);
  • if you need to hire a plumber for the entire day, the costs will vary from GBP 450 to GBP 550;
  • an emergency plumbing outside London will typically be charged with GBP 100;
  • an emergency plumber in East London or in other parts of London will charge for an emergency situation GBP 200.

What are the basic plumbing services for a kitchen in London in 2021?

Given the fact that the kitchen is one of the spaces in which one uses the plumbing system on a daily basis, it is very common to experience different issues in this area. Some of the common plumbing repairs our emergency plumber in East London can offer to our clients refer to the following: the installation of a gas boiler, repairing it or maintaining it, clearing blocked drains, repairing water leaks, repairing water taps and installing kitchen sinks or replacing old sinks. 

Our plumber in London is also qualified to change the entire plumbing system of your kitchen, if necessary. This can happen when the previous system is very old and is no longer reliable or in the situation of a kitchen remodeling (for instance, when you want to modify the current layout of the pipes in order to change the location of the sink in the kitchen space).  

Our clients can also be helped by our team when installing dishwashers or washing machines, these being only some of the kitchen appliances our team is qualified to handle (our local plumbers can easily help you in installing gas cookers and ovens). Besides these, you should know that our plumber can participate in full kitchen renovations. 

If you are building a new house, our plumber can provide full plumbing installations for your kitchen and will work closely with you or with your kitchen designer, in order to make sure that the furniture will fit the plumbing work done at your home. The services provided by our team are done with the highest level of professionalism and you can rest assured that you will also get a guarantee on the quality of the work.  

However, at times, emergencies can appear in one’s kitchen and this can also be the case of a new building project or a remodeling project. Any of the above mentioned plumbing services, or most of them, can become an emergency situation and our emergency plumber in East London will be able to assist you as fast as possible. You can also rely on our specialist for emergency plumbing services for your bathroom or for other rooms where you have a plumbing system that is not functioning properly. 

How can the emergency plumber in East London help in bathroom plumbing issues?

Emergency plumbing issues can appear in all parts of a home actually, but the bathroom and the kitchen are more likely to be the places where such issues will appear, given that most of the plumbing of a home or of an apartment can be found in these rooms. Not to mention all the devices and appliances that are connected to the plumbing system, such as sinks, toilets or bathtubs. 

These objects are used on a daily basis and the likelihood of having a plumbing issue is very common. This is why our emergency plumber in East London has faced numerous emergency cases that were related to various appliances or pipes which can be found in the bathroom.

A common problem that is met is the toilet, which can have a number of problems. Common issues are: the water from the bowl is constantly dripping or constantly running – this is not an emergency per se, but it can be reflected in your water bill, as the overall water consumption will increase. 

However, a plumbing matter that is considered an emergency is when the water from the bowl is not flushing. This can be caused by numerous flaws of the bowl, such as a faulty flush valve, but it can also be due to a plumbing issue that stops the water from reaching the toilet’s bowl. 

If you are involved in a bathroom renovation project, then you may also need the assistance of our emergency plumber in East London. The project itself does not represent an emergency, of course, but during this process, various issues can appear, especially in old houses, where the plumbing system can be affected by numerous flaws that will be detected while removing parts of the walls or other components of the bathroom. 

Here, local plumbers can discover that the pipes are rusty and that they need to be replaced, or that a pipe is dripping inside the wall and this will need immediate assistance. In a home renovation project, emergencies can appear at any given stage of the project, but especially in the beginning, where the old parts of the bathroom are removed and replaced. 

During this procedure, it is ideal to replumb a house in its entirety, not only the bathroom. Of course, this depends on the client’s budget, but also on the desire to change the entire plumbing structure of a house.

This is not only a costly procedure, it can also take a long period of time, but the procedure should be done especially when the pipes are very old. So, a bathroom renovation project can be the starting point for a general renovation.

Can the emergency plumber in East London provide commercial plumbing services?

Yes, of course. Our team of plumbers is also qualified to assist companies in a wide range of plumbing issues. Our plumbing residential services are similar with the ones for commercial clients, but there can appear various differences, as the plumbing system of a commercial building can vary greatly compared to the one of a house or an apartment building. 

This is given by the fact that commercial buildings are designed to fit the needs of a large number of persons working in the same space – the ventilation system for a floor is created differently and the plumbing system as well. For instance, in the bathroom of a commercial building one can find several toilers and several sinks. 

Nowadays, the water taps are activated by motion sensors in these types of commercial bathrooms (in malls, airports, business buildings, etc.). Although they are very well received by the general public, they can also have technical issues, and our emergency plumber in East London can solve them. 

When sending our emergency plumber in East London to take care of a plumbing issue that appeared in a commercial building, we will typically send more than one person, as such problems are usually more complicated and they need the services of more plumbers

Our most complicated cases in the area of commercial plumbing services are for industrial clients – here, we refer to factories and other units where various goods or services are produced. In this particular case, our emergency plumber in East London will need to handle very complex plumbing issues.  

Please mind that our plumber is qualified to handle boiler technical issues, for both residential and commercial clients. Typically, there are important differences between the boilers that one can find in a home and the ones of a company, but of course, the difference can be diffused in the case where a commercial client is a small company, located in an apartment or a house, where one will generally find a regular, residential boiler. 

Please mind that, according to the UK laws, a commercial boiler unit is defined as any unit which has a power rating above 70kW. If you own a commercial boiler, it is also recommended to have annual checks, to see if the unit is maintained in proper conditions. This will also reduce the likelihood of having an emergency problem, but if this happens, our emergency plumber in East London is ready to assist you. For more details, you can call our plumber in London or send an inquiry by e-mail.   

Do plumbers in London need a qualification? 

Currently, there isn’t a clear legal framework with regards to the obligation of having a license as a plumber in London or elsewhere in the country, but this depends on the type of plumbing the plumber knows how to provide. For instance, those who work with gas related devices must be registered with the Gas Safe Register.  

Still, it must be noted that local plumbers can obtain an accreditation for their services from the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering. Here, a person in need of emergency plumbing from an emergency plumber in East London can verify if the person has the necessary qualifications for the job. 

However, it must be noted that companies will work with accredited plumbers and you can rest assured that if you require the services of our emergency plumber in East London, our colleague will have the required certification in his field of expertise. If you need other plumbing services, do not hesitate to contact our local plumbers

What emergency services can one receive from a plumber in East London? 

Emergency services referring to plumbing situations can vary greatly, depending on the problem that appeared in a home. The East London region is rather large and it is also a region with a high density when we refer to the size of its population (more than 1 million inhabitants).  

When an emergency arises, our emergency plumber in London can arrive at your home in approximately 60 minutes, depending on where your exact location is. A plumber in East London will be able to provide a wide range of emergency services, some of them being presented below: 

  • radiator replacement and underfloor heating repairs or any other service related to the heating system;
  • emergency plumbing – leaking pipes and leak detection services;
  • gas cooker repairs, washing-machine repairs, dishwasher repairs or the repairs of other similar household machines;
  • leaking toilets, blocked toilets, repairs of the toilet water tank and the repair of the toilet flushing system;
  • you can also address to our plumber in East London outside our regular working hours in the case of an emergency. 

What is the average salary of a plumber in London? 

The salary that a plumber in London can obtain will generally vary based on the capabilities of the person, the years of experience, the certificates obtained throughout the years, but also on the region where the person develops his or her activity. Also, one should know that being a plumber in East London or in another region of the city will generally mean that the person will gain more compared to those developing the same profession in other parts of the country. Below, we present the following highlights: 

  • in August 2020, the average salary obtained by a plumber in London was of GBP 37,285;
  • on average, a plumber in London gains 15,6% more per year compared to plumbers in other regions of the country;
  • the average salary for local plumbers in London have increased by 1.7% on a year to year basis;
  • the plumbing profession is represented by more than 100,000 individuals and, in London, the vacancy for this profession is of only 1,193 jobs;
  • the highest number of vacancies is in South East London, accounting for 153 jobs, but there are few job openings for a plumber in East London as well (of 74 jobs). 

What are the basic plumbing services done by a plumber in East London? 

Local plumbers can offer multiple plumbing services that can aim at improving the quality of your bathroom or kitchen, where most of the plumbing system resides. You can request replacing old pipes made from lead (numerous houses used this type of piping system) with the modern piping system, made from medium-density polyethylene. 

You can also request to have your cold water storage tank replaced, especially if you live in a house or an apartment that uses an old water storage system. Our team can also help you in changing various items from your bathroom or kitchen, such as the hand wash basin and other sanitary items – for example, we can install or replace shower bidets, baths, showers, urinals, toilets. 

Our plumber in East London is qualified to perform all the above mentioned plumbing services, as all the members of our team are certified in their profession. For instance, a person who is interested in performing this profession, which has increased in demand in the last years, can register for training courses with the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors Limited.

You can also address to our plumbers in Ilford for the same services presented in this article, if you live in this London region. In Ilford, there are many types of properties that can benefit from our services.

For instance, the highest share of detached homes, of 10,8%, is registered in the region of Mayfield, while the largest number of semi-detached homes, of 48,7%, can be found in Clayhall.

If you need other plumbing services, do not hesitate to contact our local plumbers.