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A Guide on Cutting and Soldering Copper Pipe

A Guide on Cutting and Soldering Copper Pipe

Copper pipes are often utilized in modern plumbing, because they present numerous advantages such as being relatively non-toxic, easy to work with, non-permeable and durable. Many times though, our plumbers in London have to cut and solder copper pipes in order to use them as water supply lines.

As follows, we present you with a brief guide on cutting and soldering copper pipes.

How our emergency plumber in London cuts a copper pipe

Our plumbers in London cut a copper pipe in different ways:

•    By using a hacksaw: it is the least used method of cutting copper pipes. And that is because, even though the hacksaw is a cheap tool, when using it to cut a copper pipe, there is a lot of movement in the pipe. The pipe cannot be held completely still while cutting it and if it is already a piece of a London plumbing system or a central heating line, the movement will place pressure on the closest joint, which could cause the joint to break;
•    By utilizing a pipe cutter: a pipe cutter is a tool which has been designed particularly for cutting copper pipes. Therefore, this is the easiest, simplest and most effective way of cutting such pipes. However, this tool is mainly recommended by our plumber in London to be used on large diameter pipes. For the ones with a small diameter, there are other more effective methods of cutting them;
•    By using a pipe slice: a pipe slice can be used even in tight spaces, which makes it great for cutting copper pipes. This tool operates on the same principle as the pipe cutter, however the blade, or the cutting wheel, is loaded by a spring;
•    Other methods: we can provide further details on what these other methods consist of.

How our plumbers in London solder copper pipes

In order to solder copper pipes, our local plumbers follow the steps mentioned below:

•    Assembling the soldering tools: the most appropriate soldering torch is chosen for the task;
•    Cutting the copper with a tube cutter;
•    Removing the burrs;
•    Cleaning with emery cloth;
•    Cleaning with a fitting brush;
•    Fluxing the joint;
•    Heating the joint;
•    Using special methods for touch spots.

In case you need further details on how to cut and solder copper pipes, or for any plumbing services in London you might require, please contact our  local plumbers.