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A Guide on Downpipes

A Guide on Downpipes

Downpipes are important systems in any building because they are used to conduct the rainwater at the right place, like in a tank or stormwater drain. They also confer protection to eaves, fascias, foundations and windows. In this article, our plumber in London presents you a brief guide on downpipes.

Issues concerning downpipes in London

When setting up a downpipe system, our plumbers in London follow these guidelines:

• They have to be connected correctly to function efficiently: if the downpipes have holes or gaps, the water can leak through and it could produce damages to the property, as well as result in dampness;

• The downpipes have to serve no more than 12 meters of gutter length for every downpipe: our local plumbers always verify the property measurements and calculate precisely how much downpipe is serving every gutter;

• The downpipes have to be positioned as close as possible to the valley gutters: a homeowner needs to consider if he or she needs to provide for any overflow to the gutter;

• The downpipes have to be safely connected to the building: they have to be firmly connected by our plumber in London to the walls and fixed by the corresponding brackets or materials which can resist rain or heavy wind and which do not rust.

Types of downpipes in London used by plumbers near me 

The types of downpipes used by our emergency plumber inLondon are:

Round downpipes: they match all property types and are mainly met in old style buildings, since they have a more classical style and appearance;

Square downpipes: these can be acquired in unpainted zincalume steel and have a variety of bond steel colors. They are projected to contrast or match with the roof;

Rainwater pipes: they are fabricated from pre-painted steel, aluminum or glazed tile planes and are not appropriate for a plain galvanized gutter or downpipe.

If you have more questions about the rainwater drainage, or for any type of plumbing services in London, please feel free to speak to our friendly team of local plumbers.