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A Guide on Toilet Accessories

A Guide on Toilet Accessories

A clean and functioning toilet is essential for you and your family’s health, being an important aspect of any household. The newest, most technically advanced toilet models profit from characteristics which provide great water efficiency and performance. When you have made the decision to acquire a new toilet, it is also a good time to keep at hand a range of toilet accessories to solve any possible problems which could occur. Here is a brief guide from our plumbers in London about the toilet accessories any homeowner should have in the household.

Internal flush pipe connector

The internal flush pipe connector is an internal flexible flush pipe to toilet pan connector that can be installed in most high and low level toilets. This toilet accesory is made of plastic. A plumber can explain how to select the most suitable brand for your internal flush pipe connector. 

External flush pipe connector

The external flush pipe connector is an outer flexible toilet flush pipe to toilet pan connector that can be installed on most high and low level toilets. It is fabricated from soft plastic.

Fluidmaster standard multipressure seal

The fluidmaster standard multipressure seal is a toilet accessory represented by a spare multipressure diaphragm seal for Fluidmaster 400 and 747 model valves. It is extremely easy to install and is made of rubber. This accessory should be installed by a qualified plumber in London.

Toilet pan screw set

The toilet pan screw set is made of stainless steel and plastic plugs and caps, being utilized to fix toilet pans. Look for a set which includes two screws, two fixing plugs and two plastic caps. If you can’t decide, address to our local plumbers for assistance. 

Cistern overflow connector

The Cistern overflow connector is an inner cistern overflow with bottom outlet and can be utilized when there is no integral overflow. The recommended dimensions of it are of 25 mm and is made of polypropylene. Our plumbers in London can offer more details on this toilet accessory

Toilet low level flush pipe

The toilet low level flush pipe is a curved flush pipe which is recommended to be utilized on low level toilets. It is made of polypropylene and has a 32 mm diameter.

We recommend you to seek a plumbing services provider in London if you are experiencing any problems with your toilet parts. Please contact us for immediate assistance. 

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