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A Short Guide on Drain Cleaners

A Short Guide on Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaners are chemical or enzyme-based products used to unclog pipes or which help prevent pipes from getting clogged. There are two main types of drain cleaners: chemical drain cleaners and  enzymatic drain cleaners. Here is a short guide on drain cleaners from our plumbers in Londonnecessary to be known by any homeowner in the city-state.

Chemical drain cleaners in London

Chemical drain cleaners are utilized to melt the grease which clogs the drain by producing a chemical reaction generating heat. There are three main types of chemical drain cleaners:

•    caustic: these substances contain base fluids, like lye, which add electrons to the blocked substance;
•    oxidizing: they contain bleach, peroxides and nitrates which make the clogged matter to lose electrons;
•    acid: it contains sulfuric or hydrochloric acid that draws electrons from the choke. 

Chemical drain cleaners present the advantage of being strong and having an almost immediate result. 

On the downside, the chemical fumes they produce are toxic, presenting the risk of eye burning, eating through clothing and damaging drain traps. Therefore, if you choose to go for this type of drain cleaners, ensure that you ventilate the room appropriately, keep them away from pets or children and wear rubber gloves. In case you decide to ask for professional assistance when dealing with clogged drains or sewer pipes, our plumbing services firm in London can provide assistance on any drain cleaning job you might need in your home.

Enzymatic drain cleaners presented by our plumber in London

Enzymatic drain cleaners in London are comprised of bacteria cultures and concentrated enzymes which react with organic residue which get stuck on sewer pipes, dissolving the residue in order to prevent drains that run slowly. Most of these drain cleaners are meant for general maintenance to keep an appropriate flow. They are not meant to fully unclog drain pipes.

Advantages of enzymatic drain cleaners are represented by a relatively safe use, the fact that they are eco-friendly, easy to use and have reduced prices.

Among their disadvantages, our local plumbers would like to mention that the enzymatic drain cleaners take a more prolonged cleaning time and that, commonly, they cannot unblock entirely clogged drains. It is also recommended to avoid their contact with the eyes or longer contact with the skin.

Drain cleaners are one of the most common reasons why homeowners contact an emergency plumber in London. Rather than doing it yourself and putting yourself in the way of hazard, save more money in the long term and contact our plumbers in London for any drain cleaning job you might require in your home.