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Basic Plumbing Tools: Basin Wrench

Basic Plumbing Tools: Basin Wrench

basin wrench is a basic plumbing tool which is used to tighten and loosen nuts from sink faucets. It can be utilized in small spaces that cannot be reached by other types of wrenches. As follows, our plumbers in London make a brief overview of the basin wrench.

Brief presentation of the basin wrench used by our plumber in London

Basin wrenches have a long shaft with a couple of asymmetrical jaws at one end and a transverse handle at the other one. One of the jaws is fixed to the shaft, while the other one is curved on the fixed jaw so that it can automatically close and hold the fastener.

The crosswise handle goes through a lightly fitting hole in the shaft so that it is possible to move it in small areas or to prolong it in order to increase leverage.

When using this basic plumbing tool, our plumbers in London take the following tips into account:

·         If there is a difficult mounting nut, our emergencyplumber in London will utilize a pipe or the rear end of a crescent wrench to improve leverage when turning the basin wrench;
·         In order to grab the nut with this tool, different positions can be achieved;
·         In case the distance to the mounting nut is too big, a telescopic basin wrench could prolong the instrument, so that faucet mounting nuts can be grasped.

Types of basin wrenches utilized in London, explained by plumbers near me

Depending on the job required, there are different types of basin wrenches which our emergency plumber inLondon uses, such as:

·          Fixed basin wrenches: these are quite similar to spanners, because they have fixed jaws and can be used on ½ or ¾ inch (1.27 or 1.9 cm) nuts and fixtures. They are projected for removing sink, basin and bath tap backnuts;
·         Adjustable basin wrenches: these have spring-loaded jaws that enable the plumber to turn them in the opposite direction without turning the backnut, therefore enabling him to effectuate small turns when access is restricted. Adjustable basin wrenches can be with interchangeable jaws or with telescopic handles;
·          Other types of wrenches. Our local plumbers can offer more details on what these other types of basin wrenches consist of.

If you need more detailed information about this basic plumbing tool, or if you require any plumbing job done in your home, please get in touch with our emergency plumber inLondon.