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Basic Plumbing Tools: Closet Auger

Basic Plumbing Tools: Closet Auger

One of the basic plumbing tools used by our plumbers in London is the closet auger. It comes handy when having to repair a clogged toilet. This tool has a long cable which is solid enough to eliminate any stubborn toilet clogs.

When is a closet auger used in London?

A properly functioning toilet is a must in any business or home in London. When closets clog, this can be extremely unpleasant and scary for some homeowners.

And this is when our emergencyplumber in London comes to your help. He will use a toilet auger, also named a closet auger or a plumbing snake, to sort out the situation and remove any toilet obstructions.

The closet auger is made of a long flexible tube generally fabricated from metal which has an auger bit at one ending and a handle at the other one.

There are different closet augers with various looks, and their length can also vary. However, they are all projected based on the same principle: to eliminate an obstruction which isclogging the toilet drain.

How is a closet auger used by our plumbers in London?

When necessary, our plumbers in London use a closet auger in the following way:

•    The closet auger is inserted into the toilet trap and the crank is turned until tight. This implies that the cable has been inserted into the obstruction;
•    By pulling the auger, our emergency plumber in London is able to remove the toilet clog. If needed, the tool is used several times;
•    When the water looks like it is draining properly, the toilet is flushed.

It is important, when dealing with a clogged toilet, to have a professional take care of fixing this issue. The closet auger may look unfamiliar to some homeowners and they are not easy to learn to operate.

Clogged toilets can generate quite a hassle and, therefore, may cause a lot of destructions to one’s property. 

If you are ever faced with this issue, a toilet auger is the basic plumbing tool which will certainly solve it quickly and safely. For fixing this job, or for any other plumbing services in London, we invite you to get in touch with our local plumbers.