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Basic Plumbing Tools: Fire-Resistant Cloth

Basic Plumbing Tools: Fire-Resistant Cloth

fire-resistant cloth is a basic plumbing tool representing a clothing made of a material which has the ability to self-extinguish where an ignition source is removed from it. It can be used by  several types of professionals, among which by our plumbers in London.

Who has to wear fire-resistant clothes in London?

Individuals who are required to wear fire-resistant clothes are professionals whose jobs involve working in dangerous environments which may consist of hazards such as:

•    Electric Arc: electricians, electric utility linemen and so on;
•    Flash Fire: chemical and pharmaceutical workers, refinery employees and so on;
•    Combustible Dust Explosion: employees in companies which activate in the paint, food processing, paper and pulp industries and many others;
•    Any professionals – including an emergencyplumber in London – who come in contact with energized electrical equipment.

What is the flame protective mat used by our plumber in London?

flame protective mat is described by our local plumbers as a special heat resistant piece of cloth which can be placed to serve as a barrier to maintain the torch flame when using, for example, a propane torch.

This protective mat is meant to avoid damaging the materials which are near the solder joint. It is made of modern heat resistant threads from materials like ceramics and silica.

Even though the torch flame could touch the protective cloth on one side, the other one remains cool. 

The flame protective mat is often used when soldering pipes and lines, in order to make sure the surrounding materials are untouched and safe.

What does fire-resistant mean?

material which is fire-resistant has been topically treated with an immersion procedure by using a chemical-free fire retardant after the fabric has been threaded. 

All cottons, as well as the other natural fibers certified as flame resistant are fire retardant topically treated. Our emergency plumber inLondon can offer more details on this matter.

Since the treatment is topical, it can wear out after some time, and repeated washing causes the flame retardancy to dissolve quicker.

Because of this, fire-resistant flame retardancy is only certified for a single year.

If you need to know more about flame resistant clothing, or for any plumbing services in London you might request, please contact our friendly staff.