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Basic Plumbing Tools: Hacksaw

Basic Plumbing Tools: Hacksaw

Wondering how our plumbers in London cut through metal? They use a basic plumbing tool which is called a hacksaw. This tool is a fine-toothed saw, mainly used and originally designed to cut metal. As follows, we describe what a hacksaw is and what its specifications are.

General description of the hacksaws used by our plumbers in London

Hacksaws can also be utilized by an emergencyplumber in London to cut other types of materials, like wood and plastic. 

Generally, a hacksaw is a hand saw with a C-shaped frame which bears a blade under tension. This type of tool has a handle, commonly a pistol grip, with pins for installing a thin disposable blade. The frames can also be adjusted to match various sized blades.

Another type of hacksaws are the panel ones. These miss the frame, having instead a body made of metal sheet. These tools can cut through a sheet metal panel deeper than a frame would be able to. These saws generally are not available anymore.

On hacksaws, the blade can be installed with the teeth facing in front of or against the handle, enabling a cutting action on either the pull or the push stroke. Normally, cutting vertically, the blade of a hacksaw is set facing forwards.

The most commonly used hacksaw blade is the 12 inch (300 mm) length one. However, in some cases, plumbers in London can also use a 10 inch (254 mm) ones. 

Such a basic plumbing tool has what is called a closed pistol grip handle, which is generally characteristic for saws with longer or larger blades. This handle supports the blade. Because it is closed, the person using it is less likely to have his or her hand slipping out of it when sawing rapidly.

Hacksaw utilization in London, explained by plumbers near me

No matter what the orientation of the blade is, it is very important that a hacksaw is used by an emergency plumber inLondon slowly, with approximately one stroke per second. That is because a metal on another metal results in a huge heat, which can ruin a blade immediately. 

Please get in touch with our local plumbers if you need to know more about our basic plumbing tools or if you have any plumbing issues. We will make sure to sort them out rapidly and reliably, preventing any further damages to your home.