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Basic Plumbing Tools: Hand Auger

Basic Plumbing Tools: Hand Auger

plumber’s kit in London contains different sets of basic plumbing tools so that any job at hand can be effectuated in the most reliable and quickest possible manner. Among these, the hand auger, also known as a plumber’s snake, is a must.

So, what is the hand auger used by our plumbers in London?

hand auger used by our plumbers in London is a hand-cranked tool used for clearing drains. It has a 25 ft long flexible steel cable which is very useful for clearing clogs from tubs, sinks, showers, toilets and drain pipes.

In case the obstruction is caused by a solid, but shreddable object, such as a tree root or glass wool, the hand auger could break it to allow a flow. A tinier, lightweight clog could be snagged by the auger, so that the emergency plumber inLondon pulls it away.

Types of hand augers in London, presented by plumbers near me

Hand augers can be:

·         Toilet auger: it is made specifically for toilet obstructions. It is utilized by a plumber in London when a plunger does not work effectively, or if he believes an object might be stuck in the toilet. For businesses which have urinals, there are urinal augers for stoppages in them;
·         Top snake: it is the smallest of hand augers. It is generally used for tubs, bathroom sinks and showers. Most top snakes have a 25 ft cable and come in different shapes and dimensions. These augers can be manual or electric. The electric top snakes are easier to utilize and are perfect for obstructions no longer than 25 ft or which do not have too much build-up;
·         Large drain machine: it comes in different shapes and sizes. For this type of auger, generally it is recommended to use a minimum cable of 5/8”. This auger is utilized for drains which are three inches or larger in width;
·         Mini-rooter or medium drain machine: this hand auger is preferred to have a cable length of 3/8”. It is ideal if there is a kitchen or a washing machine which needs to be cleaned out. It is also used for unclogging a drain from or under the kitchen or bathroom sink after taking the trap off. However, the medium drain machine is not used for tub or shower obstructions, as it can break the trap underneath the shower or tub.

For more details about the basic plumbing tools used by our local plumbers, or for any plumbing services in London, please do not hesitate to contact us.