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Basic Plumbing Tools: Plunger

Basic Plumbing Tools: Plunger

When it comes to the basic plumbing tools used by our plumber in London, a plunger is extremely helpful and quite practical. 

A plunger is a tool utilized to clear clogs in pipes and drains. It has a rubber suction cup attached to a shaft which is commonly made of plastic or wood. 

Plunger types in London, presented by plumbers near me 

There are three types of plungers used by our plumbers in London:

1.    The usual sink plunger or the cup plunger: it is made of a straight wooden handle and a rubber, generally red, cup. This type of plunger is most appropriate for flat surfaces, like bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, tubs, or any other appliances with a flat surface;
2.    Toilet plunger or flange plunger: despite the name, it offers the flexibility to fit in any drain. This tool has a cup similar to a sink plunger, but with a soft rubber flap which folds out from its inside. It is used for toilets, sinks and tubs. Different flange plungers are utilized by our plumber in London for toilets and sinks, in order to avoid bacteria contamination;
3.    Accordion plunger: it is fabricated from hard plastic. Even though it produces a lot of force, it requires a professional hand to use it, since the plastic is very hard. It is used to clear toilet blockages.

How a plunger is used to unclog a sink or a drain in London

In order to unclog a sink or a drain, our emergency plumber inLondon follows these steps:

•    Adding water in the tub or sink basin: in order to create a vacuum seal, water in the basin is needed. If a drain is only partially clogged, a little more water is added to compensate for what will go through the drainage;
•    Plugging the overflow whole: a wet rag is soaked with water and stuffed into the overflow hole to avoid air to get in;
•    Plugging nearby drains: the plumbing lines in a property are all connected, so if there is air in a pipe, this could not allow local plumbers to create the appropriate seal for a clogged drain;
•    Eliminating the clog with a plunger: the most appropriate plunger is used accordingly in order to create a vacuum and get rid of the clog.

If you have a clog on your property and you require the use of this basic plumbing tool, as well as for any other type of plumbing services in London, you are invited to get in touch with our local plumbers.