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Checking Water Meter for Plumbing Leaks in London

Checking Water Meter for Plumbing Leaks in London

If you are suddenly registering higher water consumption and more expensive water bills, there might be leaks in your home that you are not aware of. These leaks can be taken care of by an emergency plumber in London. Here is how to check your water meter for plumbing leaks in London.

Shut off the water in London

Begin to check your water usage in London by ensuring there are not any devices, like toilets, irrigation, washers, icemakers or faucets, which are currently using water inside or outside your house.

Verify the flow indicator

Next on how to check water meter for leaks in London is to open the water meter cover at the street to verify if it indicates a flow. This is represented by a tiny rotating wheel which can trace even small quantities of water flow. If the flow indicator is moving, it means there is a leak inside or outside your home. A team of local plumbers can easily explain the procedure. 

Look for more obvious leaks

If you have noticed the water meter indicating there is a water consumption even though all the devices in your house were turned off, start by looking for more obvious leaks, like:

•    Leaking taps: even though it might seem a small leak, a leaking tap can cause thousands of liters of water waste yearly; A plumber in London can help you repair a leaking tap;
•    Improperly plumbed appliances: verify the washing machine and dishwasher;
•    Overspills from a water tank or cistern: check if water has been dripping from the overflow pipes;
•    Toilet cisterns: new toilet cisterns have the tendency to overspill into the toilet bowl which can be a huge water waste.

Spot the hidden leak in your London property

If all the obvious devices in your home are working properly, it is time to look for the hidden leak. In case the water meter is placed outdoors, the leak could be from the external supply pipe. This pipe is located under your yard, path or driveway. You may need the help of an experienced team of plumbers in London in order to detect the hidden leaks.

To verify if the external supply pipe is dripping, shut off the internal stop tap and verify your meter once more. If the indicator is still moving, the leak might well be on the supply pipe. 

In either cases, our plumbers in London can help you spot the leak and effectuate all the necessary repairs so that you save your money on water bills and maintain a safe home. Please contact us for repairing leaking pipes, fixing toilet problems, repairing concealed pipe leakage, dripping faucets or fixing a leaky outdoor faucet which may cause leaks of water in your home.