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FAQ on Tree Root Infiltrations

FAQ on Tree Root Infiltrations

Tree root infiltrations are often an issue which happens in many homes in the city-state. Here are a few FAQ on tree root infiltrations and their answers from our plumbers in London.

What are tree root infiltrations in London? 

Sometimes, the roots of the trees in a garden can infiltrate inside a sewer pipe. The problem with this is that they block the wastewater drainage.

This might lead to severe damages to a property, since the sewage could have nowhere to flow. Because of this, it can return inside the home or leak on the property.

In case this might happen, a plumber in London can certainly fix the issue rapidly and reliably.

How are root infiltrations fixed by plumbers near me?

In case you have tree root infiltrations on your property, our plumbers in London are ready to help with tree-saving options.

In case the root of a tree has penetrated the sewer line of your property, we use modern trenchless technologies for replacing the sewer.

With these technologies, we can change the underground sewer pipes without destroying your garden. And the good news is that the new sewer line is going to be immune to tree root infiltrations.

Why replace the sewer pipe?

It is a frequently asked question about tree root infiltrations. The reason the sewer pipes have to be replaced is because de-rooting the pipes will only lead to the same problem next year.

Every time the roots are cut on the inside of the sewer line, the root in the joint is still there. Each year, the root grows, applying pressure on the joint interior.

The roots inside the joint will eventually damage the pipe and the dirt from the soil will begin to collect inside the pipe.

Our emergency plumber in London will use a camera to inspect the sewer line. After seeing the amount of root infiltration, they will present you with the best solution to solve this issue, making sure it does not happen in the future again.

For more frequently asked questions about roots, or if you need any kind of plumbing services in London, we kindly invite you to get in touch with our friendly local plumbers