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Fixing a Shower Valve in London

Fixing a Shower Valve in London

shower valve in London commonly refers to one of the following shower fittings:

•    a pressure balancing valve;
•    a thermostatic or thermostatic mixing valve;
•    a diverter valve or a transfer one.

The first two ones are responsible for controlling and maintaining the shower water temperature. The last ones direct or re-direct the water flow from the shower head to the tub faucet, or to the shower head which is hand-held.

In this article, our emergencyplumber in London explains how he effectuates the repairs for ashower valve which involves the control and maintenance of the water temperature.

Procedure involving the repair of a shower valve in London

When effectuating the repairs of a shower valve in London, the following measures are taken:

1.    The water to the shower is shut off;
2.    The handle and escutcheon plate are removed by our plumbers in London to uncover the shower valve;
3.    The locking nuts are loosened and the cartridge is pulled from the valve center;
4.    The new rubber seat with spring on the pencil end is placed and pushed into the shower valve. This measure is repeated for the seat, as well;
5.    The new cartridge is inserted into the current valve;
6.    The plumber in London slips the O-ring over the cartridge, after which the locknut is tightened;
7.    The renewed escutcheon plate is pushed on the shower valve in London and secured it with screws;
8.    The new handle is attached to the valve;
9.    The water is turned back on and the temperature is set at 120 degrees F;
10.   The temperature limit stop is installed on the shower valve to avoid scalding.

Why does my shower head drip in London?

In case they are faced with a leaky shower head when turning the shower water on, generally, homeowners are tempted to crank the handle closed as much as possible.

However, this could only make the issue worse. Make sure that the handle of the faucet is completely turned off and you do not over tighten it because this could damage the shower valve in London.

When working with shower faucets, our emergency plumber inLondon advises you to put rags in the tub or on the shower floor under the faucets to protect the area and avoid small pieces from dropping into the drain.

Our plumbers in London have noticed that sometimes, there might be a shut-off shower valve in the bathroom, next to the shower or in the basement. If that is the case, turn the water off from here and wait for our local plumbers to inspect the shower valve in London.

If you need to know more about how to repair a shower valve in London, or for any other plumbing services in London, please contact our friendly staff.