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Fixing Overflowing Cold Water Tank in London

Fixing Overflowing Cold Water Tank in London

cold water tank in London represents a tank that stores large volumes of water for the supply of hot and cold water which are not connected directly to the rising main. In some cases, the water level in the tank can grow too high, causing the excess water to spill outside through an overflow pipe. As follows, our plumbers in London explain how they remedy an overflowing cold water tank

Causes for a leaking overflow on tank in London

leaky overflow on the tank is most of the times caused by a damaged ball cock, also named a float operating valve part 1 or part 2. 

A less expensive method to fix a float operating valve is to replace the valve. However, sometimes the valve becomes weaker if this is done, and loses the guarantee of the manufacturer.

In order to acquire a full guarantee, it is recommended to have an emergency plumber inLondon to replace the valve, according to the latest standards in London, which represents the safest solution for the long term.

How to fix an overflowing cold water tank – a procedure explained by our plumbers in London

When fixing an overflowing cold water tank in London, our local plumbers take the following steps:

1.    The valve on the pipe which is providing for the tank is turned off by our plumbers in London. This valve could be placed near the cold tank or near the hot one. Generally, this valve which is providing for the tank is on a 15 mm pipe;
2.    The end cap from the valve inside the tank is extracted. An emergencyplumber in London can provide further details on how this process is effectuated;
3.    The split pin is extracted;
4.    The float arm is removed;
5.    A London plumbing professional verifies the float;
6.    The slider is removed;
7.    The washer is extracted;
8.    The washer is replaced with a new one;
9.    The slider, float arm and end cap are replaced, as well;
10.   The water is turned on.

If you need us to fix an overflowing cold water tank in London, we can assist you with reliable, trusty and quick repairs. Please get in touch with our local plumbers.