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How to Bend PVC Pipe

How to Bend PVC Pipe

PVC pipes can be useful in tight places and around plumbing structures, however, it is not easy to do so. In this article, our plumbers in London explain how to bend PVC pipe.

Heating the PVC pipe in London

PVC pipes are made through a procedure called extrusion. Chips or breads of solid PVC plastic are heated up to a melted state and pushed through a hole with the desired shape.

While the pipe is extruded, it is placed in a straight plane until it cools into the solid pipe state.

Also, our plumber in London considers important to mention that PVC is a thermoplastic, meaning it becomes soft when heated.

The most appropriate instrument for heating a line in order to bend a PVC pipe is a heat gun. What is not advisable to use, however, is the propane torch because the heat is too focused, therefore charring the pipe is extremely likely.

A PVC pipe is heated is by using a constant movement. The pipe or the heat source has to be moved back and forth on a 12” area, while rotating the pipe all the time.

Three to four minutes later, the pipe piece will begin to sag. The pipe has to be moved and rotated by our plumbers in London and then it will be bent, while still applying the heat.

Finishing the bend of the PVC pipe in London

After the PVC pipe has become soft, it is placed down by our emergency plumber inLondon on a straight surface and it is bent while rotating it.

The pipe is not bent quickly and the local plumbers have to keep on rotating it, otherwise, the pipe might kink. After the pipe has acquired the right angle, it is held while it cools.

Uses of the PVC pipes, presented by plumbers near me 

PVC pipes are usually utilized as electrical conduits and for irrigation piping. This material is solid and strong, not being able to bend at all while in its normal state.

Instead of using elbows or couplings, our local plumbers sometimes choose to bend a PVC pipe without breaking or kinking it.

If you would like to know more about bending a PVC pipe, or for any plumbing services in London that you might request, please speak to our friendly local plumbers.

This procedure may be required in many plumbing situations. Our plumbers may need to perform this procedure when they have to replumb a house. Even if you will use copper pipes for the replumbing of the property, in some cases, the PCV pipes may be better suited.

Our plumbers can handle this procedure regardless of the scope for which the PVC pipe is used on your property (indoor, outdoor).