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How to Fix a Flush Handle in London

How to Fix a Flush Handle in London

broken flush handle is a common plumbing issue met by our specialists. If you are experiencing this problem, our local plumbers can help. 

Here is how we fix a flush handle in London.

Can plumbers near me repair the broken flush handle in London?

When repairing a flush handle in London, our plumber in London takes the following steps:

• First, the old flush handle has to be removed. To do so, our plumber removes the top of the cistern and lowers the toilet seat to prevent anything from falling while working;

• Then, one of our plumbers in London unhooks and removes the trip lever;

• Now, he finds the nut which sustains the handle in its place and unscrews it;

• Afterwards, it is time for the new flush handle to be set up. This begins by slotting the new handle in its position and screwing the nut by utilizing an adjustable wrench;

• Then, the trip lever is slid on the handle end and it is reattached;

• Finally, the new handle is placed firmly in its location.

The flush handle functioning explained by our plumbers in London

When effectuating the repair of a flush handle, our emergency plumber in London knows it is important to understand how this fixture functions.

The whole flushing process starts with the flush handle. When the handle which is always located on the right-hand corner of the toilet tank is pushed down, it causes the trip lever to rise.

The trip lever is connected to a chain inside the tank, which elevates the flush ball from its location. When this ball is elevated, the water from the toilet tank is poured into the bowl.

Right after the tank is emptied, the flush ball comes back into its location. 

Why call our plumbers in London?

If you are experiencing a malfunctioning toilet handle, it is important to have a professional plumber take care of this issue.

Even though it might seem tempting to sort this issue out by yourself, a professional knows immediately what to do, because many times a do-it-yourself job might end up actually in damaging even more the appliance rather than fixing it.

If you need to repair a broken flush handle in London, or for any other kind of plumbing services in London, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of local plumbers.