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How to Fix a Leaky Sink Strainer in London

How to Fix a Leaky Sink Strainer in London

Worried about all the water dripping from under your kitchen sink?

leaky sink strainer in London can cause a lot of nuisance in the long run if not taken care of by an emergencyplumber in London

Sink strainer leaks take place at the drain assembly in all types of sinks because of different reasons, such as incorrect installation, missing gasket or sealant or because of corrosion. 

We are here to put your mind at ease and assure you we are able to fix this type of leak rapidly and reliably, making sure the leak is stopped and the sink strainer will function properly.

How our plumber in London fixes a leaky sink strainer in London

Briefly explained, a sink strainer is the assembly which connects the sink to the drain line. Sometimes, the sink strainer in London could leak at the point where the strainer piece is connected to the lip-edge of the drain opening.

To fix this type of leakage, our plumbers in London will take the following steps:

1.    Removing the sink trap, the tail piece and the drain parts. Before doing so, a bucked it placed under the sink by a plumber in London to catch all the water which can be coming out from the P-trap when these pieces are removed;
2.    Removing the old sink strainer assembly;
3.    Removing the sink strainer basket;
4.    Eliminating the plumber’s putty from the surface of the sink;
5.    Cleaning the surfaces of the sink around the drain opening;
6.    Getting ready the plumber’s putty and applying it on the sink drain opening;
7.    Collecting the new sink strainer basket pieces;
8.    Inserting the strainer basket through the sink drain opening;
9.    Setting up the sink strainer assembly gaskets and nuts;
10.   Reconnecting the sink basket to the drain.

Diagnosing the issue – a process explained by plumbers near me

Firstly, our plumbing services professionals in London will make sure it is actually the sink strainer which is leaking under your sink. 

A lot of times, the sink strainer was improperly set up in the beginning, by not being appropriately sealed at the sink drain opening. To correctly diagnose if the sink strainer leak in London is caused by this issue, our local plumbers will take the necessary measures and then correct the leak.

Fixing the leaky sink strainer is quite a simple job and it requires several basic plumbing tools. However, first, it is necessary for our local plumbers to determine the cause of the leaky sink.

To ascertain whether it is the sink strainer which is causing the leak, our staff will check the seal, because an improper seal is often the cause of the sink leak.

To ascertain if this is the issue which is causing the leak in the under-sink puddle, our local plumbers will do the following:

1.    Checking the drain stopper and filling the sink almost full with water;
2.    Adding a few drops of food coloring to tint the water inside the sink. This will enable them to observe where the leak is coming from;
3.    Inspecting the sink strainer assembly for any colored leaks from under the sink.

As soon as our team ascertains it is the sink strainer that is leaking, they will immediately proceed to fix it by first removing it.

Then, they will fix it or repair it, depending on the situation and the particular needs of each sink strainer, as explained above. 

In case you require a sink strainer leak repair in London, we are ready to fix the issue; just get in touch with our emergency plumber in London.