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How to Fix Sweating Pipes

How to Fix Sweating Pipes

Many times, sweating pipes can be confused with leaky ones, however, the water dripping from the pipe might actually be due to condensation. 

Even so, sweating pipes can cause quite a lot of water puddles in your basement which can damage the floor. That is why it is recommendable you have a plumber in London look at it in order to fix a sweating pipe.

Insulating a sweating pipe in London

In order to repair a sweating pipe, our plumbers in London will insulate them.

Before actually doing so, they will make sure to dust and clean properly any debris on the pipe that is sweating and eliminate the moisture from it with a cloth.

Then, the procedure of internal plumbing system insulation depends on the insulation materials which are needed. These materials can be:

•    Rubber;
•    Fiberglass;
•    Cork;
•    Polyethylene.

Or, a specific anti-sweat insulator can be used. This type of insulator can be just wrapped around the pipe in order to cover it entirely, which will completely eliminate the sweating of the pipe.

Dehumidifying the room in your London home

Another thing you can do about troublesome condensation on pipes is to dehumidify the room where these are located.

Decreasing the level of humidity in the house will help avoid sweating pipes. Our emergency plumber inLondon advises you to use a dehumidifier to diminish the air moisture which will assist in eliminating pipe condensation for the long term.

Why call plumbers near me?

Most sweating pipes can be fixed by using the above-mentioned methods. It is advisable to have a professional look at the pipes that are humid because they can be difficult to reach.

In some older houses, the pipes could be sweating near electrical systems, electrical junction boxes and the condensation might be dangerous near these appliances.

Also, sometimes, what looks like a condensation might actually be a leak, which is a more complex job that needs to be taken care of by a qualified local plumber.

We invite you to get in touch with our team of local plumbers if you need to repair sweating pipes in your home.