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How to Handle Burst Pipe Emergencies

How to Handle Burst Pipe Emergencies

Burst pipes are a common plumbing issue. They can create a lot of damage both to the home and the public system.

Most of the times, pipes burst because they are old, used inappropriately or are damaged. In this article, our emergency plumber in London explains a few simple actions which should be taken in case you are faced with burst pipes emergencies.

1. Turn off the electricity in your London home

This is a very important step recommended by our plumbers in London. Water and electricity combined are extremely dangerous.

It is not advisable to attempt to clean a wet floor when the electricity is turned on because electrical appliances which are plugged in could lead to a fatal electric shock.

Therefore, before any other measures, ensure that you turn off the electricity at its source for your own safety.

2. Shut off the water supply

Then, the following measure for a burst water pipe emergency is to make sure you shut off the main stop tap. It should be placed under the kitchen sink or at the place where the service pipe comes in your apartment or house.

Then, our local plumbers advise you to take the following measures, as well:

• Drain the system by shutting off all the cold taps;

• In case the water has been pouring for quite a while and the ceilings are swollen, you have to be very careful as the rooms might not be safe;

• When you see a leak, place a bucket under it. Then, make a hole in the ceiling to enable the water to get out.

3. Have a plumber in London fix the burst pipe

Afterwards, it is time to let a plumber in London do his job and repair the damaged pipe. The best way to do this is just to replace it.

In case the pipe is made of metal or copper, our local plumbers may remove only that particular section from the fixtures on every end by utilizing a torch to melt the solder on a copper pipe or a wrench on a galvanized one.

In case there are more pipes in that area, they will also have to be checked. In some cases, they will be replaced, too.

For more on how to handle burst pipe emergencies, or if you require any plumbing services in London, we invite you to get in touch with our friendly team of local plumbers.