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How to Install Walk-in Bathtubs in London

How to Install Walk-in Bathtubs in London

The bathroom is one of the most important places in a home and most owners remodel their bathrooms more often than other spaces in the house. The latest trend of bathroom renovation in London is installing a walk-in bathtub. Even if it might seem easy, it is important to choose the right type of walk-in tub and have it installed by professional local plumbers.

If you want to know what to expect when installing a walk-in bathtub, our plumbers in London are here to guide you through the whole process.

Steps taken by plumbers near me for setting up a walk-in tub in my bathroom in London

Once you decided to change your old bathtub for a new one, or better for a walk-in tub, you should take note of the following aspects:

  1. have our plumber in London check the bathroom for any leaks, take the necessary measurements and recommend the size of the walk-in bathtub;
  2. once the new bathtub is purchased, the old one must be carefully removed in order to not damage the pipelines;
  3. the installation site of the walk-in bathtub must be inspected once more, and our emergency plumber in London will check if there are any pipes which must be replaced;
  4. the new plumbing, drainage and electrical system (where these exist) must be set up and aligned with the dimensions of the new bathtub;
  5. the walk-in bathtub will be put in place, leveled connected to the pipes and faucets and installed.

Once the installation of the walk-in tub for your London home is completed, our local plumbers will do a last verification in order to make sure everything is in place.

Why do London homeowners choose walk-in bathtubs?

The remodeling of the bathroom is not the only reason for choosing a walk-in bathtub in London. These types of tubs have several advantages among which:

  • they are smaller than regular tubs, therefore it will help the homeowner to save some space;
  • being smaller, they will fit perfectly in London houses with small bathrooms;
  • walk-in bathtubs can successfully replace showers in houses in London;
  • walk-in tubs are modern, easy to install and come in several dimensions.

If you want to change the tub in your bathroom and decided for a walk-in bathtub, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance or for other plumbing services in London.