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How to Prevent Water Seepage in your London Home

How to Prevent Water Seepage in your London Home

A common issue which occurs in many homes in London is water seepage. Because of various reasons, this problem might happen and produce a lot of damages to a property. Fortunately, our plumber in London knows several methods to prevent water seepage from taking place

Preventing concrete wall seepage in London with the help of plumbers near me 

concrete wall seepage might happen when the water gathers around the exterior of a wall and then it begins to slowly seep through its porous surface. 

Here is how our plumbers in London can prevent this from happening:

1. Applying tar on the exterior of the concrete wall. We will ensure that it covers the joint between the wall and the footer, which is the spot where the water is most probably going to seep through;

2. Setting up a French drain pipe on the exterior of the concrete wall. Our plumber in London will utilize a six to eight inch perforated pipe, setting it up at the lower end of the wall at the point where it meets the footer;

3. Rolling three coats of concrete paint sealer on the interior of the concrete wall. We have to ensure the wall is entirely dry before applying the paint sealer;

4. Repairing all large cracks by placing hydraulic cement into the clean and dust free wall cracks;

5. Finally, filling smaller wall cracks with epoxy filler. The epoxy is implanted into these cracks by utilizing a prefilled syringe with a small tip.

Preventing water seepage in a London basement

In order to prevent water seepage in a London basement, our emergency plumber inLondon takes the following measures:

• Applying interior sealants: in concrete basements, cracks and pipe holes are the most probable entry points for water seepage. These apertures and cracks can be sealed from the inside, by using epoxies or urethanes. These can be injected into these openings, being inserted into the foundation of the house and interrupting the water seepage path;

• Effectuating an interior water drainage: a common system for water drainage used in basements which have been seeped by water consists of making a channel around the perimeter of the basement along its footers;

• Other measures: our local plumbers can offer more details on what these other measures for preventing water seepage in your London home consist of.

If you have any inquiries about basement waterproofing, or for any plumbing services in London you might need, please speak to our friendly staff.