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Indirect Fired Water Heaters in London

Indirect Fired Water Heaters in London

Thanks to a lot of research from engineers, our homes are now easier to heat thanks to appliances and machines which use less energy to offer comfort. One of the products that have become popular quite quickly in London is the indirect fired water heater, or simply the indirect water heater.

The indirect water heater comes with many advantages which will be explained by our plumbers in London. They can also help London homeowners who want to have indirect fired water heaters installed.

How does an indirect fired water heater work?

Compared to tankless heaters, the indirect water heater will need a storage tank for the water. The tank will have an exchanger in it through which the water is circulated and when turned on it is simply heat with the help of the furnace or boiler. The water tank stores the energy used for heating the water which makes it very efficient from an energy point of view.

Our emergency plumber inLondon can help homeowners choose the right type of water heater based on their needs and the size of their home. We also mention that indirect fired water heaters are very good for large homes which require a lot of energy.

The main advantages of indirect fired water heaters in London, presented by local plumbers

Apart from being highly efficient when it comes to saving energy, there are also other reasons for having an indirect fired water heater in your home in London. Among these are:

  •           they can be fired in several ways and can use various sources of energy, including solar power;
  •           indirect water heaters can also be fired by gas and oil, or even connected to an electric source of power;
  •           the energy stored in the tank allows the heater to turn on and off quickly and the water to be heat in a fast manner;
  •           they can also be used in London homes which have floor heating systems installed;
  •           they require less maintenance, which can be provided by our local plumbers, compared to other types of water heaters and have a longer lifespan.

If you are interested in having an indirect fired water heater installed in your home, please feel free to contact our plumbers in London. We can help with the installation, periodical maintenance and emergency repair of various types of water heaters, including tankless and indirect water heaters.