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Install a Basement Laundry in London

Install a Basement Laundry in London

In order to have a code-compliant and functional basement laundry, an emergency plumber in London is the right person to turn to. Our experienced local plumbers will ensure all the appliances are set up accordingly so that you avoid any future unpleasant experiences related to improperly connected fixtures. Here is how we install a basement laundry in London.

Steps to install a basement laundry in London, presented by plumbers near me 

To have a functional basement laundry, our plumber in London will have to set up the washer and dryer in this room. Here is how he does that:

• In order to set up the dryer vent, he drills through the wall of the home. We will choose a place which is near the base of the house and where there are no obstructions;

• We then lay a bead of caulk around the dryer vent at the point where it connects to the wall. Afterwards, the vent is screwed in;

• The flexible metal dryer vent tubing is connected to the dryer vent;

• Our plumbers in London utilize an elbow fitting to connect the dryer vent tubing to the dryer back;

• The dryer is plugged in a 240-volt receptacle;

• Now, the water pump and the washtub are connected by using a reciprocating saw;

• The pipe section is replaced with a PVC-fitting, which is connected to the current galvanized pipe;

• We make sure the water is shut off. Then, the current hot and cold water pipes are cut;

• The copper pipe connections are replaced with copper pipe T-fittings;

• A flux is installed at each joint and the connections are soldered with a torch;

• Now, the washing machine is installed. Our local plumbers can further explain how this is done, as well.

Ideas when setting up your basement laundry room in London

Our plumber in London prepared a few ideas for you when you set up your basement laundry room in London:

• A basic and simple basement laundry room has the washer and dryer lined up side-by-side with cabinets installed above them and a pole for hanging things which have to be hang dried;

• Do not forget to organize the space in such a way that the ironing board or recessed bench can fit it;

• The majority of basement laundries in London need a place to put the clothes when they are folded or hung up, before they are taken into the closets and dressers of the home. Therefore, remember to organize a corner for folded or hung up clothes.

If you would like to have our plumber install your basement laundry room in London, or for any other plumbing services in London, please feel free to contact us.