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Install a Bathtub in London

Install a Bathtub in London

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in a home or apartment, which is why making it as comfortable and functional as possible is very important. Thanks to the modern appliances, your bathroom can now be remodeled as you wish and according to your budget.

One of the most frequent changes London homeowners make is the replacement of the old bathtub. So, if you are considering remodeling and installing a new bathtub, there are a few important aspects to consider. Make sure you have a licensed plumber in London take care of this job, as it is a quite complex one and it involves inserting a heavy object inside a small space.

We offer various plumbing services in London, including the installation of bathtubs and other bathroom and kitchen appliances, in order to cover all the needs a homeowner has.

Here is how our local plumbers install a bathtub in London.

What to consider when buying a bathtub in London

Remodeling an old bathroom or installing the appliances in the bathroom of a newly-bought home, can prove difficult for the owner. This is why our plumbers in London make the following recommendations:

  •           always measure the space you want to have the bathtub installed before purchasing it;
  •           once you have measured the space, it is good to research the types of tubs which will fit your bathroom;
  •           choose the type of bathtub with a specialist in order to make it can be connected to the pipe system;
  •           visit a few stores before choosing the one you will buy the new bathtub from, as you can benefit from promotional prices for some models;
  •           ask the plumber’s opinion on the bathtub you selected – our plumbers in London are at your disposal with advice.

The functionality of the bathtub should also be taken into consideration when having a bathtub installed in your home in London. The other aspects which need to be considered with installing a bathtub are the design, the price, and the dimensions.

Measure the bathroom space

First and foremost, our plumbers in London will measure the bathroom space, as well as the existing bathtub (if there is one) and the doorway. This way, they will ensure that the new one can fit in the space of your bathroom.

If you have any idea about the new bathtub you want to have installed in your bathroom in London, you can let our local plumbers know in order for them to make specific adjustments when measuring the spaces to fit the new bathtub in.

If you want to remodel your bathroom and then after the remodeling, the bathtub no longer matches the design, our emergency plumber in London can install a shower.

Advise you on which new bathtub to buy in London

Obviously, the new bathtub has to fit into the doorway, as well inside the bathroom. Our experienced local plumbers will advise you on the dimensions needed for the new bathtub.

Apart from the dimensions, we can also recommend the type of bathtub to fit your bathroom in accordance with the design and functionality.

Among the available types of bathtubs newly appeared on the market, our plumbers in London recommend any of the following:

  1.           the alcove bathtub which combines functionality and looks, thanks to the fact that it also has a shower head which can be attached to the wall, so you will have a bathtub and shower at the same time;
  2.           the claw-foot bathtub is one of the most modern bathtubs on the market, however, it offers a vintage look which makes it very appealing;
  3.           the corner bathtub has become one of the most popular types of tubs in London thanks to the dimensions which can fit small bathrooms;
  4.           the undermount tub is also very popular as it gives a new or remodeled bathroom a whole new aspect, and will also offer more space;
  5.           the hot tub is not a new model; however, it offers one of the most relaxing experiences and our plumbing professionals in London can install this type of bathtub;
  6.           the freestanding bathtub is modern and functional and is also the cheaper version of the Japanese bathtub;
  7.           the platform or the drop-in bathtub will offer a spa look to your bathroom, however, this type of tub comes with a not such an appealing cost.

If you have any other bathtub model in mind, you just need to let our local plumbers know and they will help you install it in your home in London.

Also, if you want the new bathtub to match the existing sink and toilet, you can choose a style that combines with them or have these replaced as well. Our plumbers in London can make appropriate recommendations in order for you to save money.

Turn the water off

Before starting the removal of the old bathtub and other appliances, make sure to turn off the water at the main line or the line that supplies the bathroom. Since you are at this stage, it is also good to have the piping system inspected in order to make sure there are no leaks so that further interventions are required. The accessories must be removed from the water lines, as well as the overflow drain and drain covers.

The water will be turned back on only after the bathtub is installed. At that time, our emergency plumber inLondon will also verify if there are any water leaks.

Having a new bathtub installed is not a hard job, however, in order to make sure the process goes smoothly, it is advisable to request professional services. With this occasion, you can also have the bathroom plumbing system verified and other unpleasant issues resolved.

Removing the sink, toilet, and cabinet

Sometimes, the sink, toilet, and cabinet have to be removed during the procedure, so that the new bathtub can fit inside the bathroom.

Removing the old bathtub in London

Next, our plumber in London will proceed to remove the old bathtub, if there is one. The water supply is turned off and the water supply pipes are drained. The hot and cold water faucets are removed.

Afterward, the tub drain is disconnected by utilizing an adjustable wrench. All the piping is disconnected and the existing tub is taken out of the bathroom.

Installing the new bathtub in London with the assistance of plumbers near me 

Now it is time to set up the new bathtub in London. Our emergency plumber inLondon will move the bathtub into the space where it is supposed to be installed and will mark where the top will be located.

Then, the place where the ledger will be is marked, as well. The ledger board is set up, by utilizing drywall screws and ensuring the ledger board is even.

The tub is turned on one side and the shoe fitting is assembled. At this point, the drain and the water supplies are installed.

The overflow pipe and the fitting are put together, after which the drain is attached to the bathtub and it is securely screwed in its place.

The overflow cover is set up and the tub is secured and verified for any leaks. Here you are, job successfully done!

If you need to know more about how to install a bathtub in London, or if you need any plumbing services in London, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our friendly team members.