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Install a Cooking Hood in London

Install a Cooking Hood in London

One of the most important appliances in a kitchen is the cooking hood. It helps with the lighting over the cooking area, but most of all it is used as an efficient ventilation system.
Having a cooking hood installed in a kitchen is not complicated and can be set up by the homeowner or by a professional. Our emergency plumber inLondon can assist with the installation of all types of cooking hoods.

Choosing and buying a cooking hood in London with the help of local plumbers

Prior to installing the cooking hood, it is important to check all types of cooking hoods and see which one suits the kitchen based on the size and the functions. It is also advisable to choose the hood in accordance with the type of stove or hob.

Our plumbers in London recommend homeowners to measure the space where the cooking hood will be placed before purchasing one. Also, one should also measure the length of the evacuation pipe.

Steps taken by plumbers near me when installing the cooking hood

Once the cooking hood is purchased and the installation place is set, the following steps should be taken in order to ensure a simple and swift installation:

  1.        unpack the cooking hood and take down the removable parts, such as the filters, the exhaust duct, and the fan;
  2.        check the wiring of the hood in order to know how to place it so that you can plug it into the electrical socket;
  3.        it is also useful to outline the place on the wall where the cooking hood will be placed, where the vent will be placed and where the electrical connection will be made;
  4.        cutting or drilling the holes for placing the cooking hood and all its fixtures;
  5.        installing the duct cap and caulking the place around it in order to fix it to the wall;
  6.        mounting the cooking hood in its place, clamping the electrical wires and tightening the screws.

It should be noted that the installation of a cooking hood depends on the type of hood and hob in the London home.

Making sure the cooking hood works

Once it is installed, our plumber in London recommends homeowners to check once again the electrical connections before turning the hood on. One can also use various types of adapters in order to make sure the installation is correct.

If you need assistance in installing a cooking hood or other plumbing services, do not hesitate to contact us.