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Install a Grease Trap for your Restaurant in London

Install a Grease Trap for your Restaurant in London

grease trap is an essential part of a restaurant in London. It consists of a metal or concrete tank which collects the wastewater, fat, oils, grease and solids and separates them from the water until it has to be pumped out of the trap. As follows, we explain how our plumber in London installs a grease trap for a restaurant in London.

Steps taken by plumbers near me for setting up a grease trap for a London restaurant

In order to set up a grease trap for a restaurant in London, our plumbers in London take the following steps:

• Establishing where to set up the grease trap: the location of it has to be large enough to fit it. The ideal place to do this is under the sink;

• Connecting the grease trap in London: it has three connections;

• Connecting the left connection to the sink line: the line will descend from the sink and loop up to some other line which is straight;

• Attaching the inferior right opening of the trap to the sewer pipe;

• Running hot water after any dirty liquid or food is gone down the drain. This enables the grease trap to work better and last for a longer time before it has to be cleaned by a plumber in London.

Who can use grease traps in London?

Setting up a grease trap in London can be beneficial for both residential, as well as commercial properties.

These appliances, though, are mainly used by restaurants due to the high amounts of food and grease waste which are produced here.

Our emergency plumber inLondon recommends grease traps especially for food establishments also because the food and debris particles can be caught in the traps before they gather and become and environmental or plumbing danger.

After it is full, the grease trap is pumped out by a professional and the grease is recycled or repurposed.

For a grease trap in London to be efficient, it has to be sized, built and set up correctly in the plumbing system. 

Due to these specific requirements, these fixtures are usually more costly than other plumbing appliances.

If case you need to know more about grease traps in London, or if you require any plumbing services in London, please contact our friendly local plumbers.