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Install a Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet in London

Install a Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet in London

pull-out kitchen faucet is a faucet designed with a pull-out spray head which combines the stylish design of a single-handle one with the elasticity of a sprayer, being a more modern type of appliance for your kitchen. 

This type of faucet is much more useful than traditional ones because it enables you to target the water spray.

Installing a pull-out kitchen faucet in London is a quite straightforward job which can be done in a matter of less than half an hour by our plumbers in London. Here is how.

Steps taken to install a pull-out kitchen faucet in London

In order to install a pull-out kitchen faucet in London, the following steps are taken:

•    Turning off the water supply;
•    Our plumber in London then removes the garbage disposer, if there is one;
•    By using a hacksaw, the existing hot and cold water supply pipes are cut;
•    Loosening the nuts which are attaching the faucet to the sink. Then, pulling the existing faucet out;
•    Applying plumber’s putty around the mounting flange of the Londonpull-out kitchen faucet;
•    Placing the mounting flange on top of the sink deck and tightening the retaining nuts from down under;
•    Melting the solder holding the two existing shut-off valves in place by utilizing a propane torch;
•    Our local plumbers will then proceed to clean the ends of the hot and cold water lines;
•    Attaching two new compression-fit shut-off valves;
•    Setting up the faucet and fastening it into the mounting flange;
•    Installing the water connections between the pull-out kitchen faucet and the shut-off valves;
•    Tightening the supply connections;
•    Setting up the new soap dispenser;
•    Re-installing the garbage disposer;
•    Testing the new pull-out kitchen faucet in London.

What if the pull-out kitchen faucet in London leaks?

After some time of using it, if a pull-out kitchen faucet in London starts leaking, there is no need to worry. Our emergency plumber in London can easily replace the pull-out hose which most commonly generates the leak, which is not an expensive piece to buy at all. 

What if the kitchen faucet sprayer is difficult to pull or place back in?

If the kitchen faucet sprayer is difficult to pull or place back in, there is no need to disassemble the faucet above or under the sink. 

Usually, the kitchen pull-out faucets have a weight in the center of the spray hose, which is the hose seen when the faucet is pulled out.

What needs to be done by our plumbers in London is to look under the sink and locate the spray hose. On that hose, there is a small weight.

It is commonly connected to the hose with a couple of screws. By utilizing a Philips or a straight screwdriver, the weight to the kitchen faucet hose will be moved, adjusted or added.

If there is no spray hose weight for the kitchen faucet, you can acquire one from a home improvement store.

After you have bought the weight, our local plumbers will measure around 14 inches down on the spray hose from the faucet bottom. 

Then, by using a screwdriver, the two parts of the weight will be attached on the hose. They are screwed tightly and then the kitchen sink pull-out will be tested if it retracts and pulls.

If you need to install a pull-out kitchen faucet in London, or any other kind of plumbing services in London, we invite you to get in touch with our local plumbers today!

For professional assistance on this matter, as well as for any other services, please contact us. Our plumber can help you if you need to repipe a house, an apartment or a property designed for commercial purposes.

Our team can assess the situation of your property and make a price estimate for this service (which it can be influenced by many factors, including the location of the property or its condition).

The location is of importance, as London can have different price ranges based on the region of the city. Thus, plumbing in Ilford can have different fees compared to plumbing services delivered to clients located in Central London.

This is why we recommend you to address to our team to provide as many details as possible concerning your location, your plumbing issue and any other matter that can be of interest for our team.