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Install an Anti-Scald Valve in London

Install an Anti-Scald Valve in London

Living in London could imply hot water variations, which is why it is recommended to install an anti-scald valve. Then, it is time to install an anti-scald valve in London. In this article, our plumbers in London explain how they do that.

How can plumbers near me install an anti-scald valve in London?

Part of the installation process of an anti-scald valve will have to be done while our plumber in London is positioned in the shower, and the other part of it will happen from behind the pipes through an access hole.

Here are the steps taken by our local plumbers in order to install an anti-scald valve in London:

• the water to the shower is turned off;

• the stem units from the hot-water valve are loosened and removed, as well as the hot-water valve, the cold-water valve and the diverter;

• six evenly spaced holes are made through the tile around the unit of the template;

• the tile around the marked outline is cut by utilizing an oscillating multi-tool;

• the existing valve is cut by our plumbers in London;

• the new valve is soldered to the water-supply lines;

• the valve spindle is reinstalled;

• the valve is tested;

• the cover plate is screwed to the shower wall which is placed over the valve;

• the escutcheon plate is set over the cover plate, then screwed partway on the body of the valve;

• a rubber gasket is slipped behind the rear, superior part of the escutcheon plate. The screws are tightened completely;

• the hot water is turned on, then the water temperature is verified by using a thermometer;

• the temperature limit on the valve is adjusted to make sure that the hot water temperature does not go higher than 120 degrees F;

• the screw head is covered;

• the newly installed anti-scald valve in London is cleaned.

Why use an anti-scald valve in London?

Lowering the hot water temperature is not safe. Temperatures under 120 degrees F in the water heater may create a good environment for unhealthy bacteria.

If the water heater temperature is put at 140 degrees F, it destroys harmful bacteria, however, the water from the shower may cause a third-degree burn in only a matter of seconds.

That is why setting up an anti-scald valve by our emergency plumber inLondon is important, since it can avoid burns and enable you to prevent the growth of bacteria in the hot water.

If you need to know more about how to install an anti-scald valve in London, or you need any other plumbing services in London, please get in touch with us.