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Install an Induction Hob in London

Install an Induction Hob in London

When buying a new kitchen hob, one of the most important things to consider is the hobs available on the market and which type suits your needs the best. One of the most sought types of hobs of London homeowners are induction hobs, as they are modern, smaller in size, easy to incorporate, but most of all they are more economical than gas or electric hobs.

If you have decided on an induction hob and don’t know how to install it, our plumbers in London have prepared a simple guide on how to set up such a kitchen appliance.

Steps taken by plumbers near me for installing an induction hob in London

The first step to take when installing an induction hob is taking the measurements of the location where the hob will be placed. This step should actually be completed before buying the hob in order to know the dimensions of the appliance.  The most important size to measure is the width of the induction hob.

Once the induction hob is bought, the installation should be completed as follows:

1.       Make sure the hob corresponds from an electrical point of view with the London home electrical panel’s specifications in order to correctly connect the hob;
2.       Ensure the right space between the hot zone of the induction hob the place above it;
3.       Ensure the space below the hob is order – induction hobs can be installed above an oven or a drawer;
4.       Set the induction hob in its place, turn it on and make sure it works correctly.

For homeowners who install an induction hob for the first time, it is advisable to ask for professional help. Our plumbers in London can offer such service on request.

Recommendations on induction hob installation from our local plumbers

When installing an induction hob, our emergency plumber inLondon has a few recommendations for homeowners. One of the most important is the hot zone, which is the space between the hob’s cooking zone and the area above it (usually the cooking hood) – this space should be at least 75 cm high.

It is also important to keep away any flammable materials from the cooking zone. The space below the induction hob must also be of at least 20 to 25 cm.

For assistance in installing an induction hob or for any other plumbing services for your home in London, please feel free to contact us.

If you want to install an induction hob, or you need to repipe a house, or you want to remodel a kitchen or a bathroom, or even to repurpose a room, you can count on our team for professional services.

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